Website Design Tips from a Digital Marketing Agency

Having a strong website that gives the best user experience is critical in the success of your business.  Whether your company is new, or you have been in business for a while and it’s time for a refresh, there are several key components to having a strong presence. As a digital marketing agency, we are often contacted by businesses to design or review a website and give them website design tips.

Brand Strategy

Your website is a reflection of your brand strategy bad more than just having a logo on it.  A website can be broken into a few components, brand, content, technology, and design.  A brand is the one that unites all the components.  It ensures that the website, achieving goals, and looks are all in unison.

First up, the site should be uncluttered.  A busy website is overwhelming to a visitor and if you have pop-ups no matter if it’s an ad or subscription or a chatbox, it should be on the side and not interfere with the main text page.

The Basics of Website Content

The content should have value.  It should explain to your potential customers how your business can help them with a problem.  You also want to educate on your website, give tips, or usable information.  The content should be relevant and updated periodically.  When you update the website design, it gives it a fresh look.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want the content to read well.  While keywords should be used within the content, it is not about stuffing them.  As obvious as it will be to a visitor it is also obvious to Google as well.  Visitors will not stay on a website that does not have interesting well-read content.

Word count while there are many different opinions on the best word count numbers, one that we always tell clients is to have a minimum of 300 words.  Why do you ask?  The Google algorithm looks at content and when you review your website, less than 300 words are not ranked.

Website Design

The content on each page is a mixture of images and text.  The rule of thumb is for every 100 words, you should have an image or video.  The images should be on your company, product, service, and staff.  Try to stay away from too many stock images.  In the beginning, it is understandable that you may not have many images of your own.  However, plan on adding original images in the future.  Remember that simple is best.

When it comes to navigation, you want it to be simple to find, easy to read, and makes sense to a visitor.  Visitors will not hunt for very long so if they can not find what they are looking for in under a minute then they will bounce.

Brand Reputation

Your website and everything on it affects your reputation, just like your social media image.  You want to include links to your social media within your website.  Keep in mind that a website is for many a first impression of your brand.  Do you like what you see?  Will visitors find it attractive, informative, and easy to navigate.  If the answer is yes, then you have created a fantastic website design.  If the answer is no, then it may be time to discuss things with a digital advertising agency.  There are other pieces when looking at your website and that is making sure that you have backlinks, external links, SEO all in place to get you the best ranking possible.  But start with these when looking at the website, because if your content, images, and customer experience are not in good standing than the others will not help keep visitors browsing.

Is it Time for a Website Redesign or a New Site?

As a marketing agency we hear this all the time from amazing companies, I know I need to work on my website but; I am not sure I have the budget for it.  Or I don’t want to go through a new website development project. For many people, there is an attachment to the website even if it is not performing where it needs to be.  The question comes down to is it a website redesign or is it time for a completely new website?

Top 3 Biggest Issues

The three biggest issues we see as a digital marketing agency when looking at websites.

  • I love my company’s site but I can’t get it to……right.
  • Do we need a brand new site from scratch?
  • Why doesn’t it bring in more leads and convert better?

First Impressions

Your website is your prospect’s first impression of your company.  What they see on your website gives them the first impression of your brand.  Your website and your social need to be in alignment.  It is also about having a consistent brand visually reinforcing your company into a visitor’s mind, providing a feeling of comfort, approval, and trust.  These positive feelings go a long way towards converting visitors into leads and leads into conversions.

User Experience

Creating a better user experience is crucial to a website’s success.  It is the experience that a prospect has when they are navigating the website.  Can they find everything easily?  If it takes them time to navigate, slow load times, or complicated, then they will go somewhere else.

If your website is guilty of these problems, then it is time to redesign the site map.  Think about the goal of your website and what action you want the prospect to complete.  You need to think about what they want.

Outdated Website that Doesn’t Work

An outdated website will not only be slow loading, but it will not work with mobile devices.  Studies have shown that 40% of online searchers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.  This is even more true for searches done on mobile devices.  If your website is not responsive, search engine ranking will diminish drastically.

How are the Conversion Rates?

Having potential customers find and interact with your website is great, but if those visitors are not converting, then there is a problem.  Websites that are not generating leads and conversions are missing key elements on the pages to help with the conversion process.  These key elements include clear call-to-actions (CTAs), social proof, and content that speaks to your target audience.  Each page of your website should have these elements.

Low conversion rated is a sign that your website needs a redesign.

Is Your Bounce Rate High?

If your website has a high bounce rate, then you need to take notice.  A bounce rate is calculated by the number of visitors who visit your site and then left without viewing another page.  While it is common that you have a page with a higher bounce rate than others, you need to look if it is one page or the whole site.  One page could be caused by slow load speed, bad content, a bad user experience, or something else.  This one page will just need a website redesign.  However, if it is multiple pages or the entire website, then you will need a complete redesign or a new website altogether.

Analyze the Data and the Answer Will Come

Once you begin to analyze and look at the data of your website along with what are potential customers doing once they find your website, the answer will become clear.  Most times a website redesign may be all that you need and fine-tuning what you already have.  However, if your company is rebranding, then a new website will need to be created to get you the business to increase your bottom line.

7 Web Design Tips to Improve Your User Experience

Your website is the first impression that a prospective client gets about your brand.  Within 5 seconds can they determine what your company does?  Is your bounce rate high?  The content should effectively communicate what you do, what problems you solve for them, and what step they need to take next. As a web design company in Carlsbad, we understand that start-ups and existing companies need to focus on the user experience across all devices and create content that will drive search results.  Here are 7 web design tips that will improve your user experience.


Create a plan before creating your website.  You want to think about the prospective buyer’s journey when they arrive at your website.  Does the content on the first page give them information and explain what your brand does?

Have a plan to take the customer through every step of the sales process.  From learning more, gaining more information, and finally a way to purchase.

Create an Easy Navigation Guide

Navigation is key when a prospect lands on your website.  If the interface is confusing, and it is difficult, they will leave your site as fast as they found it.  An easy to navigate website creates a better user experience.

If they want more information about a specific product or service, be sure that they can easily locate it.  Can they find places to contact you?  On many sites, there is only one way to contact, or they list it only in one place.  You want them to call, email, or fill out a form to get in touch.

Create the navigation guide as if you are a user who is looking for answers to a problem.  Have information, solutions, and a way to talk with customer service for personalized help.

Social Buttons: Follow and Share

You want to have social buttons so that your prospective and current clients can follow you on social media with a simple click.

Does your website have social share buttons?  If not, you are missing out on social media traffic that is generated by people who are reading your blog.  If you are creating engaging content, you want your readers to share with their followers.  Social share buttons should be on your blog page.  These buttons allow someone to share the page directly on their social media channel.

Implement Calls to Action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is copy that is designed to prompt an immediate response or sale.  It is the end part of an advertisement that tells your audience what they should do next.

When a prospective lands on your website, you need to be sure to provide them an option of what they can do next.  Do you want to offer them a downloadable whitepage, so they can learn more?  Ultimately, you want to help them solve their pain points.  In doing so, you will gain their confidence and trust ultimately leading them to the sale.

Choosing the Right Imagery

You want the images on your website to look genuine and connect with your brand.  Real photos are always more desirable than just a stock photo.  The photos need to connect with the content as they create outstanding visual design.

Mobile friendly

As a digital marketing agency in Carlsbad, when we design websites for our clients, we optimize their sites.  Your site needs to be mobile and tablet friendly.  Prospectives expect the content exactly like they would on a desktop or laptop.   Users will try to access your website from their phone, and if it is not simple to access, then they will visit a competitor’s site.  Responsive design is an element that every website needs.

Focus on SEO

You need to develop an online presence and with that a site that will get found.  Your SEO strategy will include keywords that your audience will search for.

Your content will need to include these keywords so that your website is ranking.  Avoid the pitfall of keyword stuffing.  The content needs to make sense as much as the keyword ranking.

Let Our Web Design Company in Carlsbad Help You

The best web designs have both beautiful responsive designs and user experience, in other words, they convert prospects into clients.  If your website design doesn’t power your business, it’s time for a change.

From fast, mobile-friendly designs that work on all platforms to awe-inspiring web experiences that connect what you do to a real value for your customers.  Let our web design company in Carlsbad take your company to the next level.

MaxAudience Listed Among San Diego’s Top Web Designers

We have always taken pride in developing marketing campaigns that don’t just deliver results, but also inspire with their creativity. We’ve provide web design, brand management, and advertising all under the same roof to help make it easier for our clients to win in their industries. Don’t confuse us for some mediocre, one-stop shop: Clutch has us on their list of the top web designers in San Diego.

San Diego’s Top Web Designers

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website located in Washington, D.C. Their main goal is to connect clients with the service providers who will best help them accomplish their project objectives. They do this by segmenting vendors based on their location and industry and then assigning two scores to each which helps them rank each group. The first is called Focus and is decided based on the services each vendor offers. The second, called Ability to Deliver, is determined by their client reviews, market presence, and work experience. Clutch analysts collect each review by interviewing previous clients about past projects either on the phone or online. An in-depth questionnaire gathers the details about each project and provides a verified account of the experience from the client’s point of view. So far, our clients have all agreed on the quality of our work, resulting in an overall rating of 5 stars on the site. Here’s what some of our clients said in their interviews:

“MaxAudience blew us away in terms of their helpfulness. They made it all about Ochsner, which is what we wanted. They put a lot of effort into making sure that we got what we wanted.” – Supervisor, Optical Company

“MaxAudience successfully increased our revenues and ROI in the first 60 days.” – Founder, Wearable Acupuncture Product

“MaxAudience really blew us away with their holistic approach and how they package their services.” – Director of Marketing, Trout Farm

We’re also featured on Clutch’s second site, called The Manifest, in a list of the top social media agencies. It publishes business news, insights and best practices so that companies can stay informed about what is happening in their industries.

They also recently launched a third site called Visual Objects. It hosts portfolios so that digital marketing experts, designers, and other creatives can impress clients with the work they’ve done in the past.

We are excited to meet new clients with Clutch’s help and continue growing our presence on their platform!

Website Design San Diego – Start Promoting Your Business Online

Promoting your brand online on the internet and expanding its reach to a wider audience requires that you build a website to represent your business. A website is not just about selling things online or increasing the number of customers. It is now a symbol of credibility for your business. Customers tend to Google search your name before they even think about dealing with you. Website makes your business look legitimate. You should look for a company that can handle website design San Diego.

Now, when you decide to get a website, you can also add functionalities to it that may assist your business in various ways.

A company that does website design San Diego can help you create an e-commerce platform for selling your products online. You can get an online payment gateway to provide card payment facilities to your end user, or you could have database management features to help keep your records safe and accessible at anytime on your website’s admin panel.

Get Website Optimized for Your Business Needs at a Web Agency San Diego

Clients often find it confusing to determine the best hosting plans, and website features that would best serve their business.

Website development is always changing. There are always new plugins in the market that can give an edge to your website online, and pack it with remarkable features.

A website that is optimized for your specific requirements would have the core functionalities that you need, a descriptive and well structured layout is appealing to the online customers.

Website design Company San Diego designs layouts that are perfectly express the information about your brand and are also appealing to the visitors.

Clumsy designs can be a major turn off to the website viewers. Your website needs not only be informative and concise but should also be attractive.

Besides it should run flawlessly on all devices; Smartphone, tablets and large screen desktops.

SEO Friendly Website to Draw Maximum Traffic to your Pages

A website which is not visible to Google search engine is not going to be useful.

There are ways to improve its visibility through the content you upload on the website and by means of SMM.

It should load fast on the browser; hence it should have minimal coding and compressed image files. Our company can handle website design San Diego to get you a website optimized for search engines.

We are recognized as a Top Website Design Company on DesignRush.

Give a Creative Identity to Your Brand With Graphic Design Agency San Diego

A web page may seem incomplete and unprofessional without its graphic components. Graphic designing is the set of skills that gives your page its texture and makes your brand logo appear beautiful while also representing the core idea of your business. Graphic Design agency San Diego understands the importance of graphic design in promoting your brand, as a number of marketing tools would not have the desired effects in the absence of a proper design.

A logo is like the face of your brand; it is the symbol of your brand which is visible on your website, pamphlets and even the advertisement banners.

How Web Agency San Diego Insist on Perfect Graphic Designs

Perfection in designing the digital parts of your brand that are visible to the end users is immensely important. Marketers often rely on attractive banners to promote your business across the social media platforms.

Customers are getting knowledgeable enough to judge by the banners if a business truly believes in perfection or whether it is willing to cut corners and make compromises in quality.

Your designs reflect how meticulous you are in your work, and they also convey a message about the theme of your business.

Graphic Design agency San Diego emphasize on making your banners trendy by employing the latest design tools. Most graphic design software keeps getting updated and introduces new set of features to make designs look more modern.

3-Dimensional designs are becoming quite common in websites or logos. A skilled artist can transform your idea into a beautiful logo with the latest designing tools.

It’s by no means an easy task, since it requires the designer to understand your vision, conceive a symbol that would best represent your business, and then translate it into a design that would occupy minimum space while also conveying the idea.

Even with websites a designer plays a crucial role in enhancing the theme of your website with the graphics. Textures, patterns and the logo are three elements that influence the appearance of your brand on various digital platforms.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

As has rightly been said, a picture is far more expressive than words. Doesn’t matter how influential and creative your textual content is, an image can make all the difference. A designer designs and edits images to make it suitable to represent your company.

In a world where people are having a shorter attention span, to quickly convey your message to your potential customers is best accomplished with the right images.

Our graphic design agency San Diego employs the best artists to embellish your website images and banners.

Things to Know When Hiring a Graphic Design Agency San Diego

Hiring a professional online can be a tricky business. In many cases, you don’t even get to meet the other party in-person. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to hire a professional online—it’s quicker, more convenient, and also saves you money. A graphic design agency San Diego creates visuals, and almost every business requires graphic designing at some point.

Whether you’re designing your website or creating marketing materials, you need design services. And hiring online is often the easiest way out.

If you have never hired a professional online, it can be a little hard in the beginning. But when you think of all the different agencies you could reach without going anywhere and the time and money you could save, there’s nothing better than hiring a graphic designer online.

Here are five key factors when hiring online a graphic design agency San Diego.


When hiring and working with someone online, there is a certain level of trust that’s required. You may never meet the person or team face-to-face, but despite that you have to trust them and develop a working relationship with them.


Having proper communication is highly important in online dealings, because you don’t meet in person. Communication often makes the foundation of your working relationship when you work online.


When you hire a graphic design agency San Diego online, you have to make sure that the team has the skills you are looking for. Having the knowledge, the expertise and the skills are indispensable because then you know you are getting the work done even if you don’t meet the person.


A graphic design agency San Diego should be flexible and adaptable, approaching work with an open mind and ready to meet the requirements of the client.

Avoid agencies that have a rigid mode of work and cannot adapt to the requirements of the client. Only a flexible designer will be able to establish a long-term working relationship with the client.

Samples and testimonials: No matter what you decide, never forget to look at samples and testimonials of the design agency.

Since it’s your first time working with agency and you’re going to work online, make sure to learn more about the designer/team, and do an independent background check to find out the capabilities of the team.


Red Flags For Graphic Design Agency San Diego

There are a million graphic design agencies that you could find for a project. But having too many options isn’t always the best because not all the choices available are right for you. A graphic design agency San Diego needs to have certain qualifications in order to be counted as professional and reliable. However, there are several design agencies that pose as professional and capable but don’t live up to the claims.

Hiring a graphic design agency San Diego is an investment, and you’d want to get the most out of it. Making the choice is hard but there are certain things you can do to read the signs and avoid the bad ones. The following red flags are what you should watch out for.

They are not legitimate.

A business needs to be registered and have capable, professional people on the team. A company doesn’t need to have a large staff or a fancy office in order to be legit. What they need is professional qualification and expertise.

Don’t just take the company’s word for it. If you’re choosing a graphic design agency San Diego, make sure they have proof of being legitimate.

They don’t practice what they preach.

A graphic design agency will have excellent graphic design on their website or branding materials, right? Their own website and other marketing materials are the first proof of their skills and expertise. If those don’t match up to the big things they claim about themselves, you should be wary of hiring such a company.

Their pricing is too good to be true.

A graphic design agency San Diego will be trying to lure customers with ridiculously good pricing if they have no expertise or capability to fall back on. Is the pricing too low? Too-good-to-be-true prices are usually always so. Learn the industry standard for pricing to judge what’s too low or too high.

They have fake reviews.

Learn how to spot fake reviews online, and then check the reviews of the firm you’re looking at. If the company has no real customers, they will rely on fake reviews. Fake reviews are everywhere today, but there are also easy ways to spot them.

They don’t have a portfolio.

A legitimate graphic design agency San Diego will be proud of the work they have done and will want to showcase it to the world.

If they don’t have a portfolio, they either have no experience or too embarrassed to show their work to the world. Take all of these into consideration when choosing a graphic design firm.