Establishing a 2015 Email Marketing Strategy

If you are hoping to get more out of email marketing in the coming year, then you need to take steps to properly plan your strategy now. It’s not enough to throw out a few email newsletters or sales flyers here and there, with the expectation that it will cause a big boost to your sales figures. Chances are that it won’t. Instead, take a close look at what you have done in the past and how you can improve upon that. There are three areas that most companies can tweak to ensure better results in 2015.

  1. Creating Bigger Lists The more people that you reach out to, the more turn around you are likely to see with each emailed flyer. Therefore, part of your strategy should certainly be to collect more email addresses in the coming year. A call to action on your website – one that is not easily overlooked – is a great way to entice potential buyers to join your email list. In some cases, it could be worthwhile to require a consumer to input such information before granting access to the full site. However, weigh this option carefully, as it could also backfire – driving potential customers away.
  2. Goal Setting What do you want to achieve with the next email that you send to your customer base? There are many reasons to use email marketing – driving customers to the website, advertising new products, establishing a reputation, furthering brand recognition. You should know what your motivation is and focus your efforts and working toward that goal. When you do this, the message comes across much more clearly.

Rewarding the Click Give the recipient a reason to open the email, and a reason to click through to your site. Whether it is a ‘soon-to-expire sale’, a ‘ten percent off coupon’, or a ‘can’t-miss blog post’, there has to be a reward for clicking and it should be clearly stated. Otherwise, your email is very likely going to join hundreds of others in the trash bin, without ever having been read.

Email Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

If you are just starting your business, it can be daunting on where to start, what to do, when it comes to email marketing strategies.  As a digital marketing agency many times prospective clients ask us, is email marketing important.  The answer is absolutely.

Email Marketing  – Why Your Business Needs It

Incorporating email marketing strategies into your digital marketing strategy is vital because it provides optimal ROI.  Emails help you reach a broad target audience who is interested in what you offer.  As a result, you will drive more web traffic, boost conversions, and increase your sales.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Here are some benefits of a well-planned email campaign

  • Provides better brand recognition
  • Build your online business reputation
  • Develop long-term brand/customer relationships
  • Reach a broader target market through mobile marketing
  • Drive more web traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Boost sales and revenue

Emails let you reach customers and potentials.  You can use emails to nurture and lead potential customers down the sales funnel.  With these great benefits, there is no reason to not create a strategy.  Here are some tips on where to start and how to start a successful email marketing campaign.

Create Enticing Content

You want to use enticing content when creating emails.  People only subscribe to your list when they get value from you, which helpful content will engage.

Subscribers are looking for a solution to a problem, so giving solutions to them will keep them engaged and opening your emails.  You will be able to nurture prospects to qualify as leads.

An enticing subject line is a start.  You want the subject line to give them a reason to open the email.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

People are on their mobile devices more and more, which means mobile marketing is a must when thinking about the formatting of your emails.  It needs to be mobile friendly when they open the email as well as when they click to a landing page or a blog article.

As a business mobile marketing is effective because it lets you obtain valuable user data for marketing purposes.  The information that you collect allows you to target buyers effectively based on geolocation, age, interests, and other useful marketing metrics.  These system indicators will help you to reach your marketing persona with targeted, customized messages.

Focus on the Sales Funnel into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing sales funnels are the best way to move subscribers from one stage to the next.  A sales funnel helps you guide the consumer on the journey to converting to a customer.  The stages of a sales conversion:

  • Awareness – These are prospects and visitor leads.
  • Evaluation – This includes MQL and SQL. A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is someone who has visited, downloaded info, they are engaging with the content shared.  A sales qualified lead is when the sales team has qualified this lead as a potential customer.
  • Customer – They have purchased and are now a customer.

The funnel is to continually move prospects from the awareness to evaluation to ultimately a customer.  By segmenting your audience and emails, they will get an email that is fitting for them.  The types of emails include informational content, special offers, coupon codes, and testimonials.  By segmenting you can fit what they want to know and personalize it to them.


Having your email marketing with your ideal buyer in mind when crafting email messages.  Personalizing your emails boosts brand loyalty, improve the customer experience, enhance retention, and increase sales and revenue.

The call to action (CTA) needs to be direct, but it needs to be personalized to where they are in the sales funnel.  For awareness lead them to blogs or more information where a customer is a recommendation of a new product that they need based on what they previously purchased.

Email Marketing is Here to Stay

Email marketing is one of the best tactics for growing a new business and really for all businesses.  It keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.  It is a digital marketing strategy that needs your attention and focus.

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Getting You Results?

Email marketing is the most cost-effective and consistent form of marketing.  It works when you put the time and effort into it.  Email marketing services in San Diego understands that a winning email campaign will get leads to convert into new customers.

Tips to Boost Your Sales

Email is one of the most powerful and successful methods in digital marketing.  Which is why you need to have a good plan in place to make it work for your business.

Email marketing done correctly can generate more quality leads.  But it is more than just sending out an email to your list.  People are bombarded constantly with emails of sales.  You need to take the necessary steps to make your campaign stand out from the rest.

Know your Audience

You need to break your list into smaller targeted groups by utilizing data segmentation.  This will help you promote your services or products in a personalized manner that they will want to receive.  Segmenting based on age, gender, geographic location, and buyer personas will get you higher sales.  Your message will be more relevant to the receiver.

Send Emails Consistently

Subscribers have subscribed to get the information so sending regular emails is not spamming them.  When you are emailing subscribers, it is not spam.  However, you do not want to go crazy and annoy them as they will unsubscribe.

Email Messages Need to be Concise

You want to keep the reader’s attention once they open.  They need to get the message and then act on it.  Keep the emails short; if they want more information, then they will go to the website or landing page to get more.  Use bullet points to get vital points in and keep it concise.

People use their mobile phones more and more for emails, which is another reason to keep it short and make sure that it looks good on a mobile platform. You must be mobile-friendly. 66% of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet.

How’s the User Experience

You want to create a personalized email so that they get the ultimate user experience.  If they have given their first name use it in the email.

Have a little personality in your emails, especially if it goes with your brand.

Be sure to give them quality content and a clean and crisp look.

Subject Line

The open rate of your email depends on the subject line.  Create an irresistible subject line.  You want to establish trust.  Be straightforward and give them a reason to click.  If they are too long, they are hard to read and understand.  The optimum length is 6 to 10 words.

Data-centric Approach

As an email marketing services in San Diego, agency we understand the importance of testing and measuring campaigns.  If you have an email campaign that was successful, be sure to use that for future subscribers.

You want them to keep your business in their mind.  Giving information or educational tips will establish you as an expert.

Boost Your Sales with a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If your email marketing campaigns don’t stand out, they will get overlooked and never get opened.

Email marketing isn’t complicated it is about connecting with your subscriber at their interest level and giving them relevant and valuable content.

Understand Your Audience

The starting point for any good email marketing campaign is to understand your audience.  The email that you send out to your subscribers needs to be relevant to their needs.  Emails that are relevant to the recipient tend to drive 15 times more revenue when compared to general emails.  So taking a targeted approach makes a difference.

In order to achieve this, you need email list segmentation.  Segmentation is the division of email subscribers into a smaller segment based on set criteria.  It can be based on geographic location, interests, purchase history, and buyer personas.  Email segmentation can increase your open rates by 200%.

Attractive Subject Line

You need to grab their attention and convince people that your email is worth opening in the first place.  The subject line is the opening headline of the email.  Be straightforward and transparent with it.  Your ultimate goal is not only to get your email opened but to build a relationship with your subscribers.

The open rate of your email depends solely on your subject line.  If people don’t open your email the content doesn’t matter.  Keep the subject line short and to the point, if they are long it can be hard to read and understand.  Questions and numbers have been shown to get a higher click-through rate when done well.

Concise Content

Marketing email campaigns need to be short.  The goal is to get subscribers to click through to your website.  You want to give them information without giving too much away.  Email messages need to be clear and concise so that your subscriber gets the message and acts on it.  Keeping your emails short and to the point, make it easy for people to take action.

If you want to share more information, use bullet points to break up your email. Also keep in mind that they may be reading from a mobile device, so make sure it is mobile-friendly.  You are reaching out to busy people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Offer Value

If your email does not offer value, then it will get ignored.  Any information that you send out needs to be valuable.  Consistency in delivering value is the key to getting your emails read again and again.  It also will bring down the unsubscribe rate.

Not everybody on your email list is going to become a customer, only a percentage of prospects will hit the “buy” button.  Have a mix of quality content, promotions, and offers.  Having the right balance will make a difference in the number of sales long term.

Prospects who have specifically requested information should receive the content needed to make a buying decision.  They have a problem and you are giving them the solution.

Have a Landing Page

There is importance to where you send your traffic from your email.  That is where the landing page comes in.  Most of the time your subscriber’s click-through from your email to your homepage, product page or a specific landing page.

A dedicated landing page and direct your email traffic to it is much more relevant and targeted, which makes it effective.  It needs to match the message in the email or else it misses the mark.  The offer on the landing page needs to be relevant and specific.

When creating a landing page include these important components.

  • A strong headline that makes the visitor want to read more.
  • A sub-headline that re-emphasizes and supports the headline.
  • An image or video that helps explain the purpose of the landing page or visually matches the content.
  • Social proof. A customer testimonial or customer logos.
  • A call to action (CTA) that converts visitors to customers.

Bring Life to Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing will give you positive results.  It will take a few emails to get into a groove and finding what works for your subscribers and prospects.  Go through the steps and apply them to your email marketing campaigns and you will see a boost in your sales.  Bring life to your emails and the results will come.

How to Collect More Data on Your Consumers

The beauty of ecommerce is that all transactions are completed digitally, and that means that you can track every aspect of the sale.  And, while there is certainly validity to the claim that there is too much data out there to be properly processed, if you know what to track and how to do it, you can know your consumer almost as well as she knows herself.  If you aren’t doing a lot with data yet, then you should consider these methods of collection, which will make your journey into data processing a little smoother and a lot more profitable.

Sign in Through Social?

If you’ve gone to a website and been asked if you would like to sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account, then you are familiar with one type of data collection (even if you didn’t really realize that that was why they were asking).

The social sign in tactic is brilliant.  A person generally feels more secure signing in through an existing account, and they don’t have to remember additional IDs and passwords.  The added benefit for your company, of course, is the fact that with that sign-in there comes a wealth of information.  The best, of course, is Facebook, which will feed you more than a name and an email address.  You will often learn the persons gender, age, race, location, relationship status, and even a list of things that he or she is interested in.  If you find that people aren’t taking advantage with the ‘sign in with social’ option, then consider an incentive.  The majority of users can be enticed, with a freebie, a coupon, or a discount, to sign in though their Facebook accounts.

Surveys and Quizzes

Surveys are the most common form of data collection, but there is also a negative stigma attached to surveys.  People don’t always want to be bothered to fill them out, and they are hesitant to simply part with personal information.  However, there are two tricks to make a person more willing to do so.  The first is to make the survey simple.  Not just short and to the point, but also making it very easily accessible. Put it right in front of them, rather than requiring them to sign in.  The second trick is to present a survey as a quiz, which a person is willing to fill out for fun.

Three Things You Should Definitely Be Measuring

If you aren’t collecting and analyzing data to measure your online performance yet, you are in danger of being obliterated by the competition.  It is important to be active online in this day and age, but that also means gauging your performance, and taking the time to learn about your audience.  The good news is that it isn’t hard to start running analytics.  There are some very basic numbers that can give you a good picture of how things are going for your company, on the Web. Continue reading “Three Things You Should Definitely Be Measuring”

Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Strategy Go Stale

Email is a wonderful tool, and despite all of the changes that have taken place on the Web in recent years, email remains a major part of most online marketing campaigns.  This is simply because it has proven a most effective channel over and over and over again.  It is, in fact, the platform consistently generating the very best ROIs for marketers. It has proven far more successful when trying to acquire new customers than even the most popular social media platforms. Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Strategy Go Stale”

How Behavioral Triggers can Help Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still something that we regularly highlight with this blog. Why? Because, despite claims that it will be outperformed by other marketing channels, even made obsolete, in the near future, we have seen no signs of this. Email marketing remains a very inexpensive and very viable option for ecommerce operations. However, the level of effectiveness really depends on how much effort the marketing teams are putting into it. Learning the consumer and approaching him or her on a somewhat personalized level is very important and can make a big impact on ROI. Essentially, behavioral marketing technology is designed to provide the marketer an insight into what customers are doing while on the web. The activities performed by these consumers is tracked and fed into the data pool, where it can be harvested and utilized for creating the best, most enticing marketing emails. Despite the fact that this type of insight has proven largely beneficial for companies for quite some time now, as few as twenty percent of marketers employ it, and a large percentage of those that do, use a very limited field of triggers.

The majority of those that attempt behavioral marketing technology will initially look at customer subscriptions and website visits, but we have found that the more meaningful data can be found elsewhere. Abandoned baskets and content engagement, for instance, point to exactly what a customer values. The best part about behavioral based email marketing is that it doesn’t have to be budget busting. It is very affordable, very informative, and has demonstrated a great ROI for B2C and B2B companies.

That being said, it is important to ascertain that you are utilizing the best possible approach. Behavioral marketing isn’t automatically successful. It does require you to have an efficient visitor identification system in place. So, it is certainly worth speaking to the marketing professionals about the best practices, in order to achieve the greatest possible engagement.