A Guide to Starting a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods that many brands overlook or ask us on how to get started.  If you are starting from the beginning, it can seem overwhelming, however, with an excellent strategy in place it pays off.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There are many benefits to having email marketing campaigns in place.  Emails create personalized content for your customers, collect feedback, improve your sales conversions, generate website traffic, and create a contact list.

Email Marketing Provider

You will want to research email marketing providers and find a platform that can set up automation and newsletters to your contacts.  You will want to look at list length and how easy the templates are to work with.  Some of the most popular ones are Constant Contact, MailChimp, HubSpot, AWeber, and Privy.

Collect Contacts For Your List

Whether you have a long list of customers or you are starting out, you always want to collect contacts for your list.  One of the best ways to gather contacts is through your website and/or a landing page.

On a website, some brands find that a pop-up gets the information, while others have a form on their site.  However, the incentive for them to sign-up needs to be enticing.  Just a form that says sign up here is not enough.  For an e-Commerce brand, a percentage off their first order will get them to sign up.  Service-based businesses do best with giving an informational guide that helps them with their pain points.  Once they fill out the information they have access to a downloadable pdf.

Landing pages are a standalone web page that is created for a specific campaign.  It is where a visitor lands after they click on a link from an ad, social media post, or email.  Landing pages have a specific focus and are a great way to generate contacts and increase conversion rates of marketing campaigns.

Welcome Email

Once you set up your pop-ups, forms, or landing pages, you want to create the welcome email.  The welcome email will contain what you promised, whether that is a code or information.  Most brands have the automation set to go out immediately after the contact information is inputted.  They will expect speediness.

Within the welcome email you want to start with a greeting, the incentive, and a few sentences about your brand, and close with a call to action (CTA).

The emails should be branded with colors and logos.

Email Segmentation

Segmentation is a big part of your email campaigns.  Email segmentation is about dividing up your list into smaller groups.  Thus, allowing you to tailor the content of your email marketing campaigns to what is of interest and your conversion rates increase significantly.  The goal of a marketing campaign is to be as precise as possible so that the right message hits the right people at the exact right time.

Subject Lines Matter

Email subject lines are important, and they can determine if the receiver clicks on it.  You want a short and interesting line that will grab their attention and make them click.  You also want to make sure that whatever your subject line promises is within the email.  If you say one thing and do not deliver, they will unsubscribe as fast as possible.

Create Templates

The email marketing providers offer a variety of templates to choose from.  Setting up templates will take some time in the beginning, however, it will ensure that your brand has the best look and it will save time later on.  Consistency is key.

Make sure that your templates are mobile-friendly and enticing no matter the device they are being viewed on.


You want to track your results.  Look at the reports to see the click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, what links they clicked on, and other options so that you can improve over time.  In the beginning, it is about seeing what appeals to your customers and potential customers.  These metrics will help you with your marketing efforts.

Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Close Sales

eCommerce brands all have the same question when talking to digital marketing agencies.  How can we win back a shopper when they abandon their cart.  As an agency with a client list of many eCommerce businesses, we have worked on strategies to help brands make an effort to win them back and close the sale.

Complete Sales From Abandoned Carts

Every year there is approximately $4.5 trillion left in abandoned carts.  Sometimes it is because of navigational issues or they are not ready to complete the purchase.  Emails targeting abandoned carts can improve your numbers and sales completed.

Here is a guide on best practices to winning shoppers back.

Personalized Emails

Shopping platforms will notify a brand when a sale is completed, or a cart has been abandoned.  Instead of sending a generic, you left your cart behind, create an email that is more personalized.  Ask the shopper if they need more information or a way to contact for more help.  The shopper may not be certain if the products will help their pain point.  This is the time to show that you care about them and are able to help.

Some of the best emails will have a name of a person instead of the company in the signature line.  By adding a human touch, the visitor feels a connection and that someone cares enough to contact them.

It Is All About the Timing wit h Email Marketing

The best automated emails go out within 30 to 60 minutes after the cart has been abandoned.  The chance that the shopper is still interested in the product(s) is high and they haven’t gone with another company.

If the purchase is still not made, then a follow-up within the next 12 hours with a sense of urgency or call to action is best.  Many times a special deal that is only good for the next 24 hours often will engage with the potential customer.  This may be the time that they decide to reach out and ask questions or return to the cart.

Enticing Subject Lines

Subject lines need to be enticing and engaging in order to get a shopper to open and read the email.  Email marketing should always follow this rule, no matter what the contents are about.  The subject line needs to be engaging, precise, and accurate to get the click.  Never trick a customer or potential customer with a subject line that has nothing to do with the content.

If The Abandoned Cart Emails Do Not Work

After the email reminders have been sent and they still do not purchase, then it is time to switch strategies.  You don’t want to keep harping on it; they are not ready.  Switch to sending them informational emails or newsletters and keep the conversation open.  Sometimes by learning more about the products and how they help, they are ready later on to purchase.

Email Marketing Works

Email marketing has a better rate of investment than other types of marketing, which is why it is a strategy that all brands are using.  The strategy and execution is the most critical part when it comes to the abandoned cart.  Craft a few emails and test them out to see what speaks to your potential customers more.   Some will respond to a discount or free shipping to complete the purchase, while others just need a gentle nudge with the offer of help from customer care.  Don’t let the sales go without an email reminder.  If you are still unsure about email marketing, give us a call.  Our team has created many successful campaigns that will help your brand close sales.

Email Marketing Tips for Success in 2021

Email marketing is still going strong as a digital marketing strategy.  Having a strong strategy in place is going to help you convert leads and increase your bottom line.  However, with so many differing opinions on the best ways to get clicks, content, and calls to action, it can be confusing.  Here are some tips that will guarantee conversions in 2021.

Subject Lines That are to the Point

There are many thoughts on subject lines and what will get subscribers to open.  However, wordy subject lines that do not have a point are not the answer.  Be creative and have it sound interesting, but subscribers want to know what they are clicking on.

Honest and informative is the best way to ensure a click open.

Make Sure Your Content is Focused

The biggest mistake that many brands make is sending the same email to all of their subscribers.  Not everyone on your list has the same needs.  This is why segmenting your email list is so important.  When creating lists you will be able to send emails that are relevant to their interests and the content is focused on them.

Sending out focused content will increase your conversion rate and decrease your unsubscribe numbers.

Emails are a Conversation

When you send an email to a subscriber, it should be more of a conversation than a one-way conversation.  The emails should have their name and they should be signed by the owner or someone within the company.  Would you want to have a conversation with a robot or have a named person?

Another way that an email feels more like a conversation is to send the email from a person and give the reader away to reply, a donotreply@company.com is off-putting.  Subscribers want to feel like they are chatting with a person.

Subscribers Want Valuable Information

Why do subscribers sign up for an email list?  You have something that they want to learn more about.  So why would you send them tons of emails with offers and never give them information?  There is a middle ground to the offers and valuable information dilemma.

Yes, discounts and offers are great to share, but at the beginning of the sales funnel they want more information to make a choice about if your service or product is a good fit!  Some ways to share information without sending a long email that they are not going to read is to send an informative video or a link to a blog post with a few bullet points in the email to entice them.  Then give an incentive or a deal at the end.

A Clear Call to Action

Call to action is critical in all forms of marketing and email is no different.  CTAs need to be clear and direct the customer or potential customer on what to do next.  Many brands think that the email is the CTA but it is not, there needs to be a next step such as click here for more info, shop here, learn more, discover, etc.

Quantity versus Quality

Brands often think that having huge lists of subscribers is most important.  However, it is a better idea to focus on building a list of engaged subscribers that are opening your emails.

A good practice is to clean up your email list now and then by removing subscribers who are not opening your emails.  Not only does this focus on the subscribers who are interested in your brand, but it also can help cut costs.  You may be paying more each month as a higher tier than you actually really need.  It is a cost-effective way to be mindful of rates and give you more room to add quality subscribers to your list.

Find Success In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The best email marketing strategies are about giving quality information, connecting, and engaging with your subscribers.  If you remain true to these points then you will find success with your campaigns.  If you are interested in getting more tips and help with setting up the emails or the content, our team can help.  We want you to succeed in the marketplace and blow away the competition.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing is an integral part of everyday business, which is why having a solid strategy is a must.  Whether you are reaching out to a lead or for customer retention, there are some common mistakes that get made when using email marketing.  Here is a guide on the common mistakes to avoid.

The Content is Not Targeted

A lot of companies make the mistake of sending the same email to all of their subscribers.  It is more likely that not everyone on your list all needs the same product or service.  This is why segmenting your email list is so important.

One way to segment is to have different opt-in forms that offer different freebies.  Segmenting your email list will increase your conversion rate and decrease your unsubscribe count.

One-Way Conversations

A mistake that is often seen is that the email does not engage the reader in a conversation.  They also do not have a way for a reader to get in touch with them.

The first thing to fix this problem is to not send an email with a do not reply return address donotreply@companyname.com.  Instead, use emails that have a name or something more personable.

Try starting the email by asking a question.  Also, at the end of the email add the name of who it is coming from with links to an email address, social media, or a live chat.  This way the subscribers know they can reach out to you, not just some random company.

Not Giving Information or An Offer

This happens a lot.  You subscribe to an opt-in form hoping for great information and advice, but you only get emails with all sales.

There is nothing wrong with promoting a product or service within an email, but it needs to be with some information that helps the subscriber.  It could be a link to a useful blog post, or an informational video, or a white paper that helps solve their pain point.

At the end of the email mention a discount or a sale, but you must have added value within the content of the email.

No Call to Action (CTA)

You send an email, it has great information and a deal that customers would love and there is a link in the text.  There is a good chance that not all of your subscribers will see the link or realize they should click here to get the deal.

You want to add a bright button or a clear call to action.  It is about having a clear end goal in mind and giving it to the subscriber.  They need the next step if they want more information, to buy, or to learn more.

Direct Subject Line

A subject line needs to be clear and right to the point.  A lengthy subject line that does not tell them what your email is about will not get opened.

If the subject line promises something you also need to deliver that in the email.  They need to be honest and informational.  Subscribers skim their email subject lines before clicking on them. You want to make sure they are clicking on yours.

Personalizing a subject line is a good idea.  It is a way to target your reader and increases the chance of them opening your email.

Focusing on Quantity and Not Quality

Everyone wants a large list of subscribers.  However, a highly engaged subscriber list is where the focus should be.  Focus on the quality of the subscriber rather than the quantity.  Look at your email list periodically and clean it up.  If they have not been opening your emails for over the past year, then it might be time to remove them.

It is not about just having a long list it is about creating relationships with the subscribers and focusing on meeting their needs with great email marketing.

Email Marketing Strategies for Startups

Email marketing should be at the foundation of your marketing strategy.  It is a one-to-one communication with your customers.  Emails give you the ability to customize, personalize, and segment based on almost limitless combinations of factors.  Here is a guide with strategies for your startup to get you on the path of success.

What Makes Email Marketing an Important Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that generate positive results.  They help you reach a broader target audience, drive more web traffic, boost sales, and increase income.

A targeted email list lets you regulate what content your readers will see and read.  It provides better brand recognition and customer relationships.

Grow Your Email List

An email list is a library of email addresses that you collect over time through your blog, your website, and other marketing channels.  These email addresses represent people who willingly subscribed to your mailing list to receive emails, newsletters, and other marketing messages.

Create landing pages and add subscribe buttons to your website pages.  You will need to always be expanding your list.

Create Click Worthy Content

Without compelling content, your email marketing campaigns will not go anywhere.  Subscribers will not stay if they are not getting quality content that gives solutions to problems.  You need to nurture your prospects to turn them into leads.

Create interesting subject lines, headers, and introductions that trigger curiosity and entice them to click.

Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing the email is more than having their name at the top.  It is about developing emails that have your ideal buyer in mind.  Your message should satisfy the requirements of a particular segment of your email subscribers.

Use your consumer’s personal information, such as purchasing history, to launch targeted email campaigns.  It lets you segment your buyer persona and target them more efficiently.

Optimize for Mobile

Consumers are always on their mobile devices.  Mobile marketing is effective because it lets you obtain valuable user data for marketing purposes.

The information you collect allows you to target buyers effectively based on geolocation, age, interests, and other metrics.  These indicators will help you reach your marketing persona with targeted, customized messages.

Tips on Types and Ideas for Emails

E-Commerce Abandoned Cart Emails

If you are an e-commerce site, then you are used to seeing abandoned carts regularly.  Remarketing can be an extremely effective strategy for bringing visitors back to complete their purchase.

You can remind visitors what they left in the cart and possibly offer an incentive to close the sale.  A discount and free shipping tend to sway the purchaser.

Try Sending Emails on the Weekend

Most businesses send out their emails Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.  For certain industries this makes sense, however, some businesses find that sending an email on the weekend to be more successful.  Inboxes are emptier and subscribers may have more time to read and click on calls to action.

Grow Your Start-Up Faster

Email marketing is one of the best tactics for growing your startup faster.  It will always be a piece of any digital marketing plan.  At MaxAudience, we help clients build email lists and utilize the most effective strategies to get them more leads and conversions.  If you are not sure where or how to start, contact us today.  We will get you the visibility and brand recognition to improve your bottom line.

Establishing a 2015 Email Marketing Strategy

If you are hoping to get more out of email marketing in the coming year, then you need to take steps to properly plan your strategy now. It’s not enough to throw out a few email newsletters or sales flyers here and there, with the expectation that it will cause a big boost to your sales figures. Chances are that it won’t. Instead, take a close look at what you have done in the past and how you can improve upon that. There are three areas that most companies can tweak to ensure better results in 2015.

  1. Creating Bigger Lists The more people that you reach out to, the more turn around you are likely to see with each emailed flyer. Therefore, part of your strategy should certainly be to collect more email addresses in the coming year. A call to action on your website – one that is not easily overlooked – is a great way to entice potential buyers to join your email list. In some cases, it could be worthwhile to require a consumer to input such information before granting access to the full site. However, weigh this option carefully, as it could also backfire – driving potential customers away.
  2. Goal Setting What do you want to achieve with the next email that you send to your customer base? There are many reasons to use email marketing – driving customers to the website, advertising new products, establishing a reputation, furthering brand recognition. You should know what your motivation is and focus your efforts and working toward that goal. When you do this, the message comes across much more clearly.

Rewarding the Click Give the recipient a reason to open the email, and a reason to click through to your site. Whether it is a ‘soon-to-expire sale’, a ‘ten percent off coupon’, or a ‘can’t-miss blog post’, there has to be a reward for clicking and it should be clearly stated. Otherwise, your email is very likely going to join hundreds of others in the trash bin, without ever having been read.

Email Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

If you are just starting your business, it can be daunting on where to start, what to do, when it comes to email marketing strategies.  As a digital marketing agency many times prospective clients ask us, is email marketing important.  The answer is absolutely.

Email Marketing  – Why Your Business Needs It

Incorporating email marketing strategies into your digital marketing strategy is vital because it provides optimal ROI.  Emails help you reach a broad target audience who is interested in what you offer.  As a result, you will drive more web traffic, boost conversions, and increase your sales.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Here are some benefits of a well-planned email campaign

  • Provides better brand recognition
  • Build your online business reputation
  • Develop long-term brand/customer relationships
  • Reach a broader target market through mobile marketing
  • Drive more web traffic
  • Increase conversions
  • Boost sales and revenue

Emails let you reach customers and potentials.  You can use emails to nurture and lead potential customers down the sales funnel.  With these great benefits, there is no reason to not create a strategy.  Here are some tips on where to start and how to start a successful email marketing campaign.

Create Enticing Content

You want to use enticing content when creating emails.  People only subscribe to your list when they get value from you, which helpful content will engage.

Subscribers are looking for a solution to a problem, so giving solutions to them will keep them engaged and opening your emails.  You will be able to nurture prospects to qualify as leads.

An enticing subject line is a start.  You want the subject line to give them a reason to open the email.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

People are on their mobile devices more and more, which means mobile marketing is a must when thinking about the formatting of your emails.  It needs to be mobile friendly when they open the email as well as when they click to a landing page or a blog article.

As a business mobile marketing is effective because it lets you obtain valuable user data for marketing purposes.  The information that you collect allows you to target buyers effectively based on geolocation, age, interests, and other useful marketing metrics.  These system indicators will help you to reach your marketing persona with targeted, customized messages.

Focus on the Sales Funnel into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing sales funnels are the best way to move subscribers from one stage to the next.  A sales funnel helps you guide the consumer on the journey to converting to a customer.  The stages of a sales conversion:

  • Awareness – These are prospects and visitor leads.
  • Evaluation – This includes MQL and SQL. A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is someone who has visited, downloaded info, they are engaging with the content shared.  A sales qualified lead is when the sales team has qualified this lead as a potential customer.
  • Customer – They have purchased and are now a customer.

The funnel is to continually move prospects from the awareness to evaluation to ultimately a customer.  By segmenting your audience and emails, they will get an email that is fitting for them.  The types of emails include informational content, special offers, coupon codes, and testimonials.  By segmenting you can fit what they want to know and personalize it to them.


Having your email marketing with your ideal buyer in mind when crafting email messages.  Personalizing your emails boosts brand loyalty, improve the customer experience, enhance retention, and increase sales and revenue.

The call to action (CTA) needs to be direct, but it needs to be personalized to where they are in the sales funnel.  For awareness lead them to blogs or more information where a customer is a recommendation of a new product that they need based on what they previously purchased.

Email Marketing is Here to Stay

Email marketing is one of the best tactics for growing a new business and really for all businesses.  It keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.  It is a digital marketing strategy that needs your attention and focus.

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Getting You Results?

Email marketing is the most cost-effective and consistent form of marketing.  It works when you put the time and effort into it.  Email marketing services in San Diego understands that a winning email campaign will get leads to convert into new customers.

Tips to Boost Your Sales

Email is one of the most powerful and successful methods in digital marketing.  Which is why you need to have a good plan in place to make it work for your business.

Email marketing done correctly can generate more quality leads.  But it is more than just sending out an email to your list.  People are bombarded constantly with emails of sales.  You need to take the necessary steps to make your campaign stand out from the rest.

Know your Audience

You need to break your list into smaller targeted groups by utilizing data segmentation.  This will help you promote your services or products in a personalized manner that they will want to receive.  Segmenting based on age, gender, geographic location, and buyer personas will get you higher sales.  Your message will be more relevant to the receiver.

Send Emails Consistently

Subscribers have subscribed to get the information so sending regular emails is not spamming them.  When you are emailing subscribers, it is not spam.  However, you do not want to go crazy and annoy them as they will unsubscribe.

Email Messages Need to be Concise

You want to keep the reader’s attention once they open.  They need to get the message and then act on it.  Keep the emails short; if they want more information, then they will go to the website or landing page to get more.  Use bullet points to get vital points in and keep it concise.

People use their mobile phones more and more for emails, which is another reason to keep it short and make sure that it looks good on a mobile platform. You must be mobile-friendly. 66% of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet.

How’s the User Experience

You want to create a personalized email so that they get the ultimate user experience.  If they have given their first name use it in the email.

Have a little personality in your emails, especially if it goes with your brand.

Be sure to give them quality content and a clean and crisp look.

Subject Line

The open rate of your email depends on the subject line.  Create an irresistible subject line.  You want to establish trust.  Be straightforward and give them a reason to click.  If they are too long, they are hard to read and understand.  The optimum length is 6 to 10 words.

Data-centric Approach

As an email marketing services in San Diego, agency we understand the importance of testing and measuring campaigns.  If you have an email campaign that was successful, be sure to use that for future subscribers.

You want them to keep your business in their mind.  Giving information or educational tips will establish you as an expert.