Using Video as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing, in the modern business world, involves many different approaches working simultaneously to make a company visible on several platforms. Content marketing is an essential component of this ensemble and, done correctly, it will interact with many of the other aspects, such as social media marketing and SEO. While written content is important, and provides […]

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Your Content Relationship Obligations

With great technology, and improved forms of marketing and communication, there comes great responsibility. If you hope to prosper in the online community – both as an individual and as an enterprise – you must recognize those obligations and do your part to uphold your end of the social network. The digital revolution has made […]

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Who is Reading your Content… Really Reading it?

There are so many tools to measure the number of clicks your website, your blog post, your Google Plus page, and your other content receives. Click through rates are definitely an indication of how your social media strategy is performing. The right sort of click through data can also point to the locations leading the […]

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Are You Using the Right Analytics Tools?

Are you finding it difficult to gain control over your analytics? If so, there is no reason to panic. The vast majority of companies – and even many top marketers – will admit that this is a very volatile part of operating a business today. There are so many things to measure that trying to […]

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Establishing a 2015 Email Marketing Strategy

If you are hoping to get more out of email marketing in the coming year, then you need to take steps to properly plan your strategy now. It’s not enough to throw out a few email newsletters or sales flyers here and there, with the expectation that it will cause a big boost to your […]

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Get the Max from your Mobile Marketing: Make Yourself Approachable

Imagine yourself searching for a product locally. You can see on Google Shopping that it is supposed to be in stock at a store near you, but after several less than stellar past experiences, you decide to give the company a call… only you can’t find the phone number. Let’s face it; one of the […]

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Overcoming Common Content Concerns

As you establish your content creation strategy for 2015, be sure that you are carefully considering the obstacles that you face. It is essential to place time, effort, and spending in the right areas to create content that will sell. The problems: Consumers are Busy, and Well Armed Today’s customer, and prospective customer, has little […]

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