Facebook Offers New Local Advertising Option

The marketing emails hit inboxes throughout the country this morning, as Facebook announces the launch of a Local Ad service. This is part of what the company is terming ‘the local awareness objective’. It is aimed specifically at those groups and organizations operating brick and mortar operations, and those providing services to a local audience. […]

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Using Google+ to Help With Your SEO

This is a topic that has been discussed a great deal online, since Google Plus made its debut. There is a good reason for that. Google+ can be a very powerful media marketing tool and one that shouldn’t be overlooked by companies that are trying to grow their online reputation. If you are operating an […]

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Creating a Social Media Marketing Campaign: Customization

There are plenty of ‘How-Tos’ on the web, which are meant to offer guidance as a company begins to formulate a Digital Marketing San Diego strategy. However, they are not intended to be strict gospel, but rather a series of ideas and concepts that can be altered to fit the need of the company. There […]

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Are You Making the Most of Social Commerce?

If you are in the retail business, and you want to increase your online sales, then it likely isn’t enough to be drawing potential buyers to your website. While SEO will certainly play a big part in helping your web-based business, there is a lot more to the game on online retail sales today. One […]

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Outdated SEO Techniques you Might Still be Using

Keeping up with the times has never been more important in Digital Marketing San Diego than it is right now. Updating your techniques should be a priority. Search engines are wise to many of the old tricks perpetrated in the past. Some are slamming the positions of sites that continue to use outdated, rather hackneyed […]

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Are You Approaching Your PPC Campaigns Like a Winner?

There is much confusion tied to the use of pay per click campaigns. While some insist that the use of this form of advertising is dead, others are clearly demonstrating that when such a ppc campaign is properly run, it can produce big results. The trick of PPC is staying on top of it. Check […]

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Time to Up Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

If you are working in the retail realm, and hoping to improve your bottom line in the years to come, then you better seriously consider your approach to mobile. If it wasn’t clear already, then certainly the 2014 holiday season made it very apparent that mobile is now the preferred method for shopping. Not only […]

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Do You Suck At Storytelling? Your Content Marketing May Suffer As a Result

Content marketing is the key to any good marketing strategy, but learning where to begin can be difficult. What’ s more, though, is that knowing what to include, how to approach it, and how to keep up with the constant changes in this area is nothing short of frustrating. Many experts, however, suggest the process […]

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