Do Social Better: Four Tips to Improve Your Social Outlook

Businesses may have easier access to the masses today, but that also means that there are new pressures to perform as well. And, many are now arguing that social isn’t that new. It’s been a way of life for several years now, so if you are still finding it a major struggle, or you haven’t […]

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Integrating Your Social Marketing Efforts

There is a lot to know about the various online channels, before a person can become truly successful with their Del Mar Online Marketing efforts. Becoming too focused on a single objective – whether it is social media, blogging, or newsletters – can be a big risk to take with your online presence. There are […]

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Better Email Call to Action

Perhaps one of the most important features of any kind of marketing is the call to action (CTA), and nowhere is this more true than the email call to action. This is where good writing and good marketing really need to sync. A poor or confusing CTA can damage your click-through rate, lead conversions and […]

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After a Google Penalty: The Next Steps

Ouch! Getting hit with a penalty from Google can really feel like a major setback; but there is no need to panic. Here are the next steps you need to take to get out of the google penalty box and back into the marketing game after a penalty. Find the source of the problem. There […]

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PPC Testing: What You Need to Know Now

Testing and measuring your ad copy and design is critical to establishing whether the ad will do what it is designed to do or whether, like so many thousands of others generated every day online, it will flop, costing you money, time and valuable market share. In order to make sure your PPC testing is […]

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Is Authorship Still Important?

Building an online presence with a search engine like Google is a critical support structure of online marketing. When Google recently announced it was no longer tracking authorship (rel=author), many worried this would negatively impact marketing and some are making the move to drop building authorship from projects. While the statistics may not be available, […]

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Using Geolocation to your Advantage

Everything is global now, from information to services to political movements to the next great product. As your online marketing needs grow, it is critical to keep in mind how to use geolocation as part of your marketing strategies. Failure to do so can cripple your efforts. Here is how to take advantage of this […]

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Will Your Website Meet Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Ranking?

If you pay attention to tech news at all, then you have likely heard about the upcoming change to mobile ranking by Google. The company announced the change, suggesting that the roll-out will begin on April 21. Many were caught off guard by the announcement, but Google representatives reported that this will be a big […]

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