Google’s Latest Updates

Google announced four new updates recently, the first of which has shocked many users and marketers, and have many talking about the downfall of Google+.  However, we are not quite ready to give up on the social media platform and believe that it is still very much alive. Change #1:Inactive Google+ Listings Have Been Deleted Automatically. […]

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Social Content: Get Your Length Right

We’ve mentioned, numerous times, on this blog in the past that people do not have the same attention span as they once did.  The ease of obtaining information, and that fact that we are being presented with so much at any given time, means that we simply have a harder time focusing.  When we aren’t […]

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Why Should You Take a Minute to Like Someone Else’s Content

If you are trying to build an online network for your brand, and you are regularly posting content, then you should definitely be taking the time to read others’.  The whole concept behind social media is that people can share.  If you are only posting, failing to read and respond to others’ posts, then you […]

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Website Bounce Rate: How Trampoline-Like is Your Site

If you want to know what sort of first impression you are making on your audience, then you simply have to look at Website Bounce Rate and you will have your answer.  The bounce rate is a very important figure for any company with an online presence.  It doesn’t matter, after all, how many people […]

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SEO and Social Media: Making Them Play Nice

Working on improving your website Digital Marketing San Diego?  Then, you will want to take a close look at the social media platforms available to you, and make your presence known.  Social media is playing an increasingly large part in Digital Marketing San Diego today.

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Bringing Your Blog to the Social Realm

Digital Marketing Carlsbad can be difficult today.  For a while, it was relatively simple to start a blog and build an audience, but as the web becomes increasingly swamped with information, and as people shift their expectations, Digital Marketing Carlsbad is becoming more and more challenging to do so.  So, the most successful bloggers, today, […]

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The Secret Sauce Behind Better Efficiency Now

No matter how many motivational mantras you whisper to yourself as you get out of bed every single morning, achieving better sales numbers every single day may still seem like an impossible goal. After all, how are you going to find the cash to bring enough staff online to chase down all of those leads […]

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Social Media Marketing: What You Can Learn From the Popular Crowd

Have you ever noticed, in a group of people, there is always one person who seems to be a magnet.  Everyone else gravitates to that person.  It isn’t because he or she is begging for the attention.  It is because others have a level of respect for that person, because he or she exudes confidence […]

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