Clearing Up Confusion: How Data Can Help With Your Media Marketing

Despite massive amounts of evidence that suggest otherwise, and numerous accounts from companies that has shown the reverse to be true, there is still a giant myth in business that suggests that there is no way to track the return on investment for social media based marketing.  There is some truth to the concept that your number of followers or friends is not really indicative of how well you are performing on social media.  That is only one small piece of the equation however.  There is so much more that data can tell us about our overall efforts, but also the individual posts and campaigns that we use in an effort to reach our niche audiences.

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Knowing When To Invest in Professional Marketing Services

Marketing is a big job, and if you are a small business owner, then chances are you don’t really have a marketing department.  There are more than twenty million self-employed people, who are working to grow their own businesses, and that doesn’t account for the 2-, 3-, 5-, or even 10 person operations that have very small marketing budgets, and rarely a job title that includes the word ‘marketing’.  So, do not feel that you are alone in your struggles to contend with advertising, brand recognition, and online reputation, while dealing with the many other facets of running a business.  Do, though, know that there are times when hiring help is well worth the investment.

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Have You Saved Your Social Media Content?

If you are like most company owners, managers, or marketers operating in the business world today, then you have recognized the potential of social media marketing.  Of course, that means that you likely spend a lot of time catering to your social accounts, creating content that is worthy of interaction and sharing.  It is no secret that building a social presence takes time, but what does seem to be a surprise to millions of users is that fact that it could all be taken away in a flash.

It’s true.  Social accounts have been flagged and removed for small- or unintended offenses in the past.  If that happens, what happens to all of that excellent content that you have created?  What about all of those connections that you have formed? It is for this reason that it is highly suggested that you back your social content up on a hard drive.

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What is the Difference Between Blogging and Blogging for SEO?

Blogging started as a sort of public journal.  It was simply a way for people to get their personal thoughts and feelings in front of an audience.  It has, of course, transformed quite a bit through the years and is now often treated as more of a business tool than a journaling platform.  In large part, this is since businesses started to recognize the potential that existed in blogging.  Today, many companies maintain a blog, making regular posts that are intended to draw an audience in, and hopefully encourage them to do business with the company behind the words.

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2017 Social Marketing Outlook

With the end of the year fast approaching, marketers are beginning to plan for the next year to come.   That means predicting what changes we might see in the New Year.  While one cannot perfectly predict the future, there are some evolutions currently taking place that we can assume will carry into the coming months and perhaps through the end of 2017.

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Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Social Data in the New Year

Whether you are brand new to social media for business, or you have been in the game for a while now, we are willing to bet that you could benefit from a closer look at the data.  As social media presence, has grown, so too has the influence on day-to-day business life.  No one can deny the impact that social media is having these days.  We need only look to recent political events here and elsewhere to see the impact that this tool can have from a marketing standpoint.

Your business can benefit from social media, but there is a science to it these days.  Not only have the providers changed their programs to make it harder to achieve organic reach, the platforms are also more inundated with users – both general users and business users – than ever before, which means that the competition for access to others’ feeds is intense.

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Social Media Marketing: Having Realistic Expectations

Despite the fact that social media has been going strong for a decade now, there are many businesses that are just now starting to realize the potential that it holds from a marketing standpoint.  If you are one of those, do not be worried.  It is not too late to benefit from these channels.  However, it is important to understand where the power of social media lies.  This should not be treated as the be-all-end-all of your marketing campaigns.  In fact, it should not even be the only source of your marketing campaigns online.

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Content Curation: Can You Really Benefit from Someone Else’s Content?

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the term ‘content curation’, so if you are relatively new to the social marketing scene and still don’t fully understand the difference between ‘content creation’ and ‘content curation’, then don’t fret.  You are not alone.

We understand that a lot of the confusion comes down to the idea of using someone else’s content to benefit your brand.  It doesn’t sound right, right?  After all, this very same blog has been used to spread the message of protecting intellectual property.  So, in one post we are telling you that it’s not right for another person or entity to profit from your content, and in the next, we’re telling you that your brand can benefit from others’ content.

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How Do You Know That Your Marketing Campaign is Working?

There are many ways that you can measure the success of a media marketing campaign.  The way in which you gauge the performance will very likely depend on what you want to accomplish with the campaign.  For instance, if the goal is to build you audience, then you may consider the number of people who signed up for the email mailers, or perhaps the number of followers gained on the social media platform in question. However, let’s assume that, in the clear majority of cases, the ultimate goal is to improve your financial bottom line, which means you want to know how much you’ve grown your audience base, and how that growth will impact your financial growth.  In these cases, there are a number of factors that you can consider, beginning with the following.

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It’s Not Enough to Market on Social Media

The current number of social media users hovers (depending on the source that you reference) in the neighborhood of 2 billion people.  That number isn’t expected to decrease anytime soon.  In fact, many projections show that number climbing to 2.5 billion within the next couple of years.   That figure is immense and certainly would give reason for people to believe that they could get away with spending their entire marketing budget on social media channels.  However, that really won’t be enough for the average company.

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Is Cart Abandonment Going to Ruin Your Holiday Season?

Already the figures have come in for the Black Friday shopping of 2016, and they were very good news for a lot of companies who have known, all too well, the damper that the recession put on shopping in years past.  That day, of course, was followed shortly behind by Cyber Monday.  Online shopping is obviously far more than the short-lived trend that it was once predicted to be.  The movement from box store to virtual stores has been astounding, and has continued to gain ground.

If you found that your Cyber Monday sales were not as great as expected, you’ll undoubtedly be looking closely at the data collected for the day, trying to figure out why your campaigns fell short of the expectations.  As you consider the facts, be sure that you are carefully considering the cart abandonment stats.

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Build Your Business with Instagram Marketing

Social media marketing has proven a very effective way to reach consumers.  This is not some great declaration.  It is likely something that you already know quite well, if you are considering expanding onto Instagram.  This social platform has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and many marketers have found that they really appreciate the format. If you are selling products with true visual appeal, then you will very likely appreciate what Instagram marketing can do for your company as well.

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