Email Marketing Strategies for Startups

Email Marketing Strategies for Startups

Email marketing should be at the foundation of your marketing strategy.  It is a one-to-one communication with your customers.  Emails give you the ability to customize, personalize, and segment based on almost limitless combinations of factors.  Here is a guide with strategies for your startup to get you on the path of success.

What Makes Email Marketing an Important Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies that generate positive results.  They help you reach a broader target audience, drive more web traffic, boost sales, and increase income.

A targeted email list lets you regulate what content your readers will see and read.  It provides better brand recognition and customer relationships.

Grow Your Email List

An email list is a library of email addresses that you collect over time through your blog, your website, and other marketing channels.  These email addresses represent people who willingly subscribed to your mailing list to receive emails, newsletters, and other marketing messages.

Create landing pages and add subscribe buttons to your website pages.  You will need to always be expanding your list.

Create Click Worthy Content

Without compelling content, your email marketing campaigns will not go anywhere.  Subscribers will not stay if they are not getting quality content that gives solutions to problems.  You need to nurture your prospects to turn them into leads.

Create interesting subject lines, headers, and introductions that trigger curiosity and entice them to click.

Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing the email is more than having their name at the top.  It is about developing emails that have your ideal buyer in mind.  Your message should satisfy the requirements of a particular segment of your email subscribers.

Use your consumer’s personal information, such as purchasing history, to launch targeted email campaigns.  It lets you segment your buyer persona and target them more efficiently.

Optimize for Mobile

Consumers are always on their mobile devices.  Mobile marketing is effective because it lets you obtain valuable user data for marketing purposes.

The information you collect allows you to target buyers effectively based on geolocation, age, interests, and other metrics.  These indicators will help you reach your marketing persona with targeted, customized messages.

Tips on Types and Ideas for Emails

E-Commerce Abandoned Cart Emails

If you are an e-commerce site, then you are used to seeing abandoned carts regularly.  Remarketing can be an extremely effective strategy for bringing visitors back to complete their purchase.

You can remind visitors what they left in the cart and possibly offer an incentive to close the sale.  A discount and free shipping tend to sway the purchaser.

Try Sending Emails on the Weekend

Most businesses send out their emails Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.  For certain industries this makes sense, however, some businesses find that sending an email on the weekend to be more successful.  Inboxes are emptier and subscribers may have more time to read and click on calls to action.

Grow Your Start-Up Faster

Email marketing is one of the best tactics for growing your startup faster.  It will always be a piece of any digital marketing plan.  At MaxAudience, we help clients build email lists and utilize the most effective strategies to get them more leads and conversions.  If you are not sure where or how to start, contact us today.  We will get you the visibility and brand recognition to improve your bottom line.

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