Is Your Brand Utilizing Facebook Optimization?

Is Your Brand Utilizing Facebook Optimization?

Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users, which is why it still is one of the biggest social networking platforms.  Is your brand utilizing Facebook optimization and generating leads and traffic to your website?

Why Your Brand Needs a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  Brands that have a Facebook page can engage with prospects and customers.  You can share a variety of content that builds a community.

By increasing social media followers, you can direct targeted audiences to your website.  Thus, boosting your search engine rankings.

A Facebook business page also helps with brand recognition.  The more your imagery and information is seen the more it will leave an impression with potential customers.

Facebook SEO

Whether you have a page or are setting one up.  Just creating the page and adding a logo is not enough.  The ongoing Facebook optimization process is more crucial to your online success.

Keywords are an important element of Facebook SEO.  The key to gaining optimum results is to use keywords strategically on your page, without stuffing.  Place keywords in the business description, about us, headline, captions, and posts.  Determine what your high-value keywords are.  The better targeted your keywords are the more your targeted audience will find you.

Create Engaging Posts

You will reinforce your brand messaging by creating content that is informative.  Share blog posts on your page and white papers.  Post about upcoming webinars, events, and other announcements.

You will want to use hashtags, links, and captions for images that include your keywords.  This will allow search engines to interpret and index your images.

Call to Action (CTA)

Right under the cover photo, you can add a call to action (CTA) to encourage your users to interact either on the page or learn more about your business.  CTA’s tell a follower what to do next to learn more or to gain more information.  It creates more engagement and is key to conversions.

Automatic Responses

Facebook messenger allows your brand to set up automatic responses.  It allows you to bring in targeted sales.  It allows you to provide fast customer support to questions, as well as engage with potential customers.  Who wants to wait 24 hours to get an answer to a question, when you are ready to purchase based on the answer.  Don’t let sales fall through the cracks.

Paid Advertising

Facebook has targeted ads that you can set the audience parameters.  Demographics, locations, and interests can all be set.  They have an analytics feature so you can look at click-through rates, conversions, and sales.  By studying the metrics, you can optimize ad copy and position your ads at the right time and platform.

Take Your Social Media Strategy to The Next Level

Facebook can be a powerful advertising platform that will take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.  It is about understanding how to optimize and the features to show your brand’s personality.  At MaxAudience we help brands create strong social media campaigns that turn clicks into conversions.  If you need a strong strategy, give us a call and we can analyze your Facebook page as well as other areas to get you recognized.


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