LinkedIn Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know

LinkedIn Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, so having a strong strategy when it comes to tapping into it.  LinkedIn is a successful social media channel for establishing online connections and accelerating business growth.  Want to understand how to use LinkedIn marketing or if it is right for you?  This guide will help you decide and then how to use digital marketing strategies to make the most of it.

Marketing Efforts for B2B

LinkedIn marketing solutions are built to support businesses’ targeted marketing efforts.  B2B marketing is the most successful on this platform.  It is unrivaled when it comes to expanding professional networks and uncovering conversion opportunities.

The opportunities for businesses and professionals are vast and includes

  • Build a brand reputation
  • Increase market visibility
  • Build professional networks
  • Follow industry news, trends, and updates
  • Publish press releases and articles
  • Join highly trafficked groups
  • Gather valuable customer insights

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The first step is about maximizing your Brands LinkedIn Profile.  It is about amplifying your presence.  You want to choose the best profile picture and banner for the business page.  The next step is the content that is on the page.  You want to customize headlines and write a powerful business description that includes relevant keywords.  Build your employees’ profile and customize a LinkedIn page URL.

You want to follow topic-based communities.  These are a great place to build connections with other professionals in the same industry or similar interests.  Within the groups, questions are asked and as an expert, you can then provide invaluable tips and information that will engage.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is vital for any platform, including LinkedIn.  It is an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy that drives leads and builds online authority.  One successful approach to sharing meaningful content is to write a post with a catchy headline and image and some knowledge on a topic.  Share some brief content that is engaging with a link to the full blog post on your website.  Why?  The content will leave them wanting to learn more and they will then hit your website to get the rest.

If you are unsure what types of posts stick with content that addresses market concerns.  What questions do people interested in your services need help with?  By providing tips to help with pain points, they will be interested and follow.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is an online news feed designed for members to share their content with their target audience.  If generated blog posts and other content from businesses and individuals looking to build their LinkedIn profile and expand their online reach.

A typical post has a 700-character limit for individuals and a 1,300-character limit for company posts, LinkedIn Articles do not have limits.  They can access an article from your company profile or through Google Search.  This specifically gives your brand more visibility and articles to be seen.

Collect and Give Recommendations

Reviews build your brand reputation.  Business pages with recommendations are 3 times more likely to get inquiries through LinkedIn search.  With this in mind, ask employees, associates, and clients to provide endorsements.  Don’t be afraid to ask for it if they have had a positive experience.  Not everyone thinks about LinkedIn reviews.

Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s audience has twice the buying power of the average online user.  Its lead conversion rates are 3 times higher than other platforms.  There are several options for paid advertising, for example, sponsored updates, text ads, and sponsored InMail’s.  These ads allow you to deliver your message to a specific audience and direct traffic back to your company page.

InMail has built-in analytics to help you fine-tune your message.  Additionally, it is a powerful way to reach out to prospects and influencers in your audience.

Transform Your Business

LinkedIn is a marketing solution for companies to increase brand interaction and sell to other professionals.  Just like any social media marketing platform, the more active your business is on LinkedIn, the higher the chances of increasing conversions.

If you are still unsure about all of the features or just simply don’t have the time, partnering with a digital marketing agency will get you the reach and results you are looking for.  MaxAudience has been helping companies with their digital marketing strategies.  Let us help you create result-oriented LinkedIn solutions today.


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