Remarketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

Remarketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

Remarketing is about taking those that are familiar with a business and will re-engage with their advertising.  It is a powerful tool in advertising because it has a proven track record.

96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy.  This means the first time they visit only 4% is buying.  This means you need to have a strategy to bring visitors back to your site.

Here is a guide on remarketing and how to create a successful remarketing strategy to get more conversions.

What is Remarketing?  

Also referred to as retargeting.  It is a type of paid ad that enables advertisers to show ads to customers who have visited their site but did not purchase.  In an attempt to get the potential customer back to their site.

Remarketing campaigns allow you to target specific visitors with specific ads with the goal of convincing them to convert for your offer.  These campaigns work because they enable you to show those visitors ads who’ve already expressed an interest in your product.  With the help of search engines and social media channels, it reminds them that you have a solution to a problem they have.

Another part of the remarketing campaign gives your existing customers an opportunity to give new offers.  It is a way to re-engage with customers who have purchased before but have not been back in a while.

Segmenting Your Remarketing Strategy

Not all visitors are coming to your site for the same thing.  Segment your remarketing campaign to speak directly to the wants and needs of your customers.  With each segmented group, you can create different Call to Actions (CTAs) for various sales funnel success.

Use a discount code as an incentive to a former customer, it is a way to say we miss you and thanks for shopping with us last time.  Come back for a special deal.  This is another reason segmenting is so important, it is a deal that you may not want to offer to someone who has never purchased.

Remarketing Abandoned Carts

A visitor is more interested when they have visited particular landing pages or shopping carts.  Traffic that has bounced from the shopping carts, need specific remarketing ads to encourage them to come back and finish shopping.

Adjust your remarketing bid strategy to spend more on warmer traffic by increasing your ad spend and decreasing frequency.

Focus on Content and Education

If you have a high traffic website, your business can benefit by using remarketing to increase clicks to your non-lead generating landing pages.  Focus on nurturing your bounced traffic to educate them about your business, your products and how you solve their problems.

The ultimate goal is to convert and get sales, but by driving interested customers to a free page, on which you are not asking for anything in return, you build brand awareness and nurture lost leads.  When they are ready to convert, this priming results in a higher cost sale and a more loyal customer.

Monitor, Test, and Adjust

Always A/B test your remarketing campaigns.  Monitor your views and conversions.  If you need to make adjustments, decide if it is your budget, CTA, images, landing pages, or the ad message.  This is where testing is critical.  You need to change one or two at a time, but not all of them with each test.

Testing your ads, you can increase your ROI without breaking the bank.  Sometimes the smallest of changes to your ads can multiply conversions.

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