Leverage Marketing Automation to Increase Your Bottom Line

Marketing Automation

Having a marketing automation system in place allows you to increase your customer size without growing your employee base.  However, are you using it and specifically getting the most out of it?

Businesses that use automation see an increase in web traffic, leads, and sales.  Automation offers greater efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced customer experience.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses software to automate repetitive tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaigns.  It is surprisingly efficient and can give a more personalized customer experience.

Marketing automation helps with lead generation, nurturing, and scoring as well as by measuring overall ROI on campaigns.

Marketing Automation tasks:

  • Email campaigns
  • Coordination of SMS messaging
  • Online advertisement placement
  • Social media posts
  • Website widget content
  • Data management and analysis

Email Marketing Versus Marketing Automation

This is a commonly confused one as the two are used together all the time.  Email marketing is a component of marketing automation.  Email automation is a marketing system that uses software automation to send emails based on set parameters.  Automated emails go in sequences based upon the user’s interaction and segmentation lists.

Why is it Important?

Marketing automation lets you implement a digital marketing strategy without having to manually press send on each individual message.  Good automation tools specifically help you identify your audience, design the right content, and automatically trigger actions based on schedules and customer behavior.

By streamlining your processes, you are then able to build one-to-one connections with a seemingly endless number of customers.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

There are several tangible benefits that marketing automation achieves.

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates – For a retailer, abandoned carts haunt you. By having a system in place, an automatic email will get sent to a potential customer who left an unpurchased item in their cart.
  • Loyalty Programs – Automation can register customer information, send deals and incentives through multiple channels, social media, emails, and websites. Thus, creating advocates and growing retention.
  • Increase Email Open Rates – Automation tools store historical consumer data, which, in turn, increases the optimization of email open rates. Whether through subject line optimization or ensuring an email is populated with the right content and sent at the right time, these solutions result in data-driven decisions and results.
  • Social Media Posting – Schedule social media posts using automation. You can also analyze the content to determine the best time to post and keep track of brand mentions and audience engagement.
  • Bridge the Gap – Marketing automation can also help bridge the gap between the marketing and sales teams. The marketing team puts together the campaign and the sales team can call prospects that are far enough into the sales cycle and finally close the deal.

Take the Leap Forward

With a continuous cycle of testing, refinement, and feedback, marketing automation ensures that workflows are always changing and growing for maximum impact and effectiveness.  In addition, these kinds of tools let you take a giant leap forward in terms of efficiency, productivity, and an increase in revenue.

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