Strategies to Make Your Content Marketing Work

Content Marketing

To have your content marketing work for you, it is best to have a plan.  First, you want to set goals and objectives.  Be realistic with your goals and make sure that they fit with the size of your business.  Next, research your target audience.  What do they like, what do they need, and what are their pain points?  Your targets will also help you set the tone and where you should be posting.  Finally, your plans should set up where to post, what content you will be posting and when you will be posting.  This leads you to a content calendar.

Content Marketing Calendar

A content calendar will give a place to work out your strategy for each platform.  It will help keep you organized and from being repetitive.  In your calendar, you want to have the posts listed by date and time of posting.  An outline of content, images, hashtags (for social posts), and links if needed.  You have a visual map of your plan of attack.


The content is key when it comes to effective digital marketing.  You want to remain focused on your industry and what you have to offer.  You should inform your audience and help solve the problem.

The pressure to post often is there.  Do not give in, if you post just to post it will be clear to your audience.  It will actually have the opposite effect and they will stop engaging with your brand and unfollow.  It is always about quality over quantity.

Mindful of Keywords

Keywords are a necessary tool but misusing and keyword stuffing will negatively impact your SEO efforts.  If you are using keywords in a way that will negatively impact someone’s reading experience, you will lose followers.  Instead of stuffing keywords, use one or two well-researched keywords in your content.

For blogs and other places that you use, images should have alt tags, meta descriptions, and file names to improve your SEO.

Variety of Content

When people think of content marketing, they immediately think of blogs and social.  However, there are many other types of content that you can use in your strategy.

  • Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Interviews
  • Infographics

Always Track

Look for content that is getting the most views, shares, and likes to find out what formula works best.  Take it beyond the basics of looking at video over text or images.  Instead, when tracking you should look for patterns.  Look at headings titles for blogs, are how-to’s more popular than guides.  These insights will tell you what your audience wants, and you can create content around giving it to them.

Always be Creating New Content

Don’t let your content fall by the wayside.  Every post helps build your presence and adds to your expertise to attract more potential customers.  It takes commitment to build momentum and once it starts to build that is not the time to let it dwindle.  You have to continue to nurture.

Stagnant content marketing will affect your social media page and your website traffic.  You need to stick with it and use your calendar as a guide.  If you are running out of ideas, look at the industry leaders and get ideas.

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