Is it Time for a Website Redesign or a New Site?

Website Redesign

As a marketing agency we hear this all the time from amazing companies, I know I need to work on my website but; I am not sure I have the budget for it.  Or I don’t want to go through a new website development project. For many people, there is an attachment to the website even if it is not performing where it needs to be.  The question comes down to is it a website redesign or is it time for a completely new website?

Top 3 Biggest Issues

The three biggest issues we see as a digital marketing agency when looking at websites.

  • I love my company’s site but I can’t get it to……right.
  • Do we need a brand new site from scratch?
  • Why doesn’t it bring in more leads and convert better?

First Impressions

Your website is your prospect’s first impression of your company.  What they see on your website gives them the first impression of your brand.  Your website and your social need to be in alignment.  It is also about having a consistent brand visually reinforcing your company into a visitor’s mind, providing a feeling of comfort, approval, and trust.  These positive feelings go a long way towards converting visitors into leads and leads into conversions.

User Experience

Creating a better user experience is crucial to a website’s success.  It is the experience that a prospect has when they are navigating the website.  Can they find everything easily?  If it takes them time to navigate, slow load times, or complicated, then they will go somewhere else.

If your website is guilty of these problems, then it is time to redesign the site map.  Think about the goal of your website and what action you want the prospect to complete.  You need to think about what they want.

Outdated Website that Doesn’t Work

An outdated website will not only be slow loading, but it will not work with mobile devices.  Studies have shown that 40% of online searchers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.  This is even more true for searches done on mobile devices.  If your website is not responsive, search engine ranking will diminish drastically.

How are the Conversion Rates?

Having potential customers find and interact with your website is great, but if those visitors are not converting, then there is a problem.  Websites that are not generating leads and conversions are missing key elements on the pages to help with the conversion process.  These key elements include clear call-to-actions (CTAs), social proof, and content that speaks to your target audience.  Each page of your website should have these elements.

Low conversion rated is a sign that your website needs a redesign.

Is Your Bounce Rate High?

If your website has a high bounce rate, then you need to take notice.  A bounce rate is calculated by the number of visitors who visit your site and then left without viewing another page.  While it is common that you have a page with a higher bounce rate than others, you need to look if it is one page or the whole site.  One page could be caused by slow load speed, bad content, a bad user experience, or something else.  This one page will just need a website redesign.  However, if it is multiple pages or the entire website, then you will need a complete redesign or a new website altogether.

Analyze the Data and the Answer Will Come

Once you begin to analyze and look at the data of your website along with what are potential customers doing once they find your website, the answer will become clear.  Most times a website redesign may be all that you need and fine-tuning what you already have.  However, if your company is rebranding, then a new website will need to be created to get you the business to increase your bottom line.

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