Boost Your Sales with a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

If your email marketing campaigns don’t stand out, they will get overlooked and never get opened.

Email marketing isn’t complicated it is about connecting with your subscriber at their interest level and giving them relevant and valuable content.

Understand Your Audience

The starting point for any good email marketing campaign is to understand your audience.  The email that you send out to your subscribers needs to be relevant to their needs.  Emails that are relevant to the recipient tend to drive 15 times more revenue when compared to general emails.  So taking a targeted approach makes a difference.

In order to achieve this, you need email list segmentation.  Segmentation is the division of email subscribers into a smaller segment based on set criteria.  It can be based on geographic location, interests, purchase history, and buyer personas.  Email segmentation can increase your open rates by 200%.

Attractive Subject Line

You need to grab their attention and convince people that your email is worth opening in the first place.  The subject line is the opening headline of the email.  Be straightforward and transparent with it.  Your ultimate goal is not only to get your email opened but to build a relationship with your subscribers.

The open rate of your email depends solely on your subject line.  If people don’t open your email the content doesn’t matter.  Keep the subject line short and to the point, if they are long it can be hard to read and understand.  Questions and numbers have been shown to get a higher click-through rate when done well.

Concise Content

Marketing email campaigns need to be short.  The goal is to get subscribers to click through to your website.  You want to give them information without giving too much away.  Email messages need to be clear and concise so that your subscriber gets the message and acts on it.  Keeping your emails short and to the point, make it easy for people to take action.

If you want to share more information, use bullet points to break up your email. Also keep in mind that they may be reading from a mobile device, so make sure it is mobile-friendly.  You are reaching out to busy people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Offer Value

If your email does not offer value, then it will get ignored.  Any information that you send out needs to be valuable.  Consistency in delivering value is the key to getting your emails read again and again.  It also will bring down the unsubscribe rate.

Not everybody on your email list is going to become a customer, only a percentage of prospects will hit the “buy” button.  Have a mix of quality content, promotions, and offers.  Having the right balance will make a difference in the number of sales long term.

Prospects who have specifically requested information should receive the content needed to make a buying decision.  They have a problem and you are giving them the solution.

Have a Landing Page

There is importance to where you send your traffic from your email.  That is where the landing page comes in.  Most of the time your subscriber’s click-through from your email to your homepage, product page or a specific landing page.

A dedicated landing page and direct your email traffic to it is much more relevant and targeted, which makes it effective.  It needs to match the message in the email or else it misses the mark.  The offer on the landing page needs to be relevant and specific.

When creating a landing page include these important components.

  • A strong headline that makes the visitor want to read more.
  • A sub-headline that re-emphasizes and supports the headline.
  • An image or video that helps explain the purpose of the landing page or visually matches the content.
  • Social proof. A customer testimonial or customer logos.
  • A call to action (CTA) that converts visitors to customers.

Bring Life to Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing will give you positive results.  It will take a few emails to get into a groove and finding what works for your subscribers and prospects.  Go through the steps and apply them to your email marketing campaigns and you will see a boost in your sales.  Bring life to your emails and the results will come.

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