7 Web Design Tips to Improve Your User Experience

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Your website is the first impression that a prospective client gets about your brand.  Within 5 seconds can they determine what your company does?  Is your bounce rate high?  The content should effectively communicate what you do, what problems you solve for them, and what step they need to take next. As a web design company in Carlsbad, we understand that start-ups and existing companies need to focus on the user experience across all devices and create content that will drive search results.  Here are 7 web design tips that will improve your user experience.


Create a plan before creating your website.  You want to think about the prospective buyer’s journey when they arrive at your website.  Does the content on the first page give them information and explain what your brand does?

Have a plan to take the customer through every step of the sales process.  From learning more, gaining more information, and finally a way to purchase.

Create an Easy Navigation Guide

Navigation is key when a prospect lands on your website.  If the interface is confusing, and it is difficult, they will leave your site as fast as they found it.  An easy to navigate website creates a better user experience.

If they want more information about a specific product or service, be sure that they can easily locate it.  Can they find places to contact you?  On many sites, there is only one way to contact, or they list it only in one place.  You want them to call, email, or fill out a form to get in touch.

Create the navigation guide as if you are a user who is looking for answers to a problem.  Have information, solutions, and a way to talk with customer service for personalized help.

Social Buttons: Follow and Share

You want to have social buttons so that your prospective and current clients can follow you on social media with a simple click.

Does your website have social share buttons?  If not, you are missing out on social media traffic that is generated by people who are reading your blog.  If you are creating engaging content, you want your readers to share with their followers.  Social share buttons should be on your blog page.  These buttons allow someone to share the page directly on their social media channel.

Implement Calls to Action (CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is copy that is designed to prompt an immediate response or sale.  It is the end part of an advertisement that tells your audience what they should do next.

When a prospective lands on your website, you need to be sure to provide them an option of what they can do next.  Do you want to offer them a downloadable whitepage, so they can learn more?  Ultimately, you want to help them solve their pain points.  In doing so, you will gain their confidence and trust ultimately leading them to the sale.

Choosing the Right Imagery

You want the images on your website to look genuine and connect with your brand.  Real photos are always more desirable than just a stock photo.  The photos need to connect with the content as they create outstanding visual design.

Mobile friendly

As a digital marketing agency in Carlsbad, when we design websites for our clients, we optimize their sites.  Your site needs to be mobile and tablet friendly.  Prospectives expect the content exactly like they would on a desktop or laptop.   Users will try to access your website from their phone, and if it is not simple to access, then they will visit a competitor’s site.  Responsive design is an element that every website needs.

Focus on SEO

You need to develop an online presence and with that a site that will get found.  Your SEO strategy will include keywords that your audience will search for.

Your content will need to include these keywords so that your website is ranking.  Avoid the pitfall of keyword stuffing.  The content needs to make sense as much as the keyword ranking.

Let Our Web Design Company in Carlsbad Help You

The best web designs have both beautiful responsive designs and user experience, in other words, they convert prospects into clients.  If your website design doesn’t power your business, it’s time for a change.

From fast, mobile-friendly designs that work on all platforms to awe-inspiring web experiences that connect what you do to a real value for your customers.  Let our web design company in Carlsbad take your company to the next level.

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