5 Ways To Use Blogging With Email Marketing Carlsbad

email marketing carlsbad

Your efforts at blogging and email marketing carlsbad efforts are like peanut butter and chocolate – each with its own unique characteristic. As a solo item, peanut butter’s nutty crunch and chocolate’s bitter-sweetness stand out.

However, when you combine both, ecstasy prevails. Similarly, any content marketing strategy that combines blogging with email marketing carlsbad smartly yields not only a best-selling synergy but some great results as well. So here’s how to go about it.

Remember that even though blogs and email marketing carlsbad serve separate purposes, your content marketing program must include both to serve your audience and help you achieve your goals for content marketing.

Blogging and Email Marketing Carlsbad

  1. Use your blog posts as your cookies. Your main objective is to get others to open and read your emails regularly. So use your best blog posts as cookies. When putting up a new post, transfer it to your list automatically, using your tools for email marketing.
  2. FAQ autoresponders. Creating FAQ autoresponders that are extremely useful in giving lessons or answering frequently asked questions, and then putting them into the autoresponder series for email also works. Include multiple links back to the foundation blog content in the autoresponders. On top of this, you could also create separate content categories corresponding with you autoresponders while also linking up with those categories.
  3. Your footer is important. Put in an opt-in offer in the footers used in your blog posts for email marketing. Also, encourage your readers to resort to all sign up options for getting free updates generated from your blog in future, receive extracts of premium content, or your exclusive monthly newsletter.
  4. Keep content synergy in mind. Creating an editorial calendar for your email marketing carlsbad campaigns and blogs is important. For instance, you could create a blog on cooking – your theme for the month – and pair it with kitchen gadgets, while ensuring that your monthly newsletter and blog posts both carry information on such gadgets. Your goal ultimately is getting a clear and coherent message across to your audience. This includes all tools present in your toolbox for content marketing.
  5. Get your guest blog posts on other sites. Publishing guest posts and links to them in the monthly newsletter will help you feature your writing.

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