How to Use Your Blog For Lead Generation

Blogging has been a rage for quite a few years, even before vlogging (or video blogging) existed. Despite the rise of YouTube channels, the good old blogging still remains popular and continues to draw an audience. Blogging is an easy way to share insightful information about certain topics with an audience. Anyone can be a blogger as long as they have something to say and have internet access. But only a few achieve success. That’s because along with disseminating information and knowledge, they also use their blog for lead generation.

The top player

Yes, your blog can make you money and also bring you customers, if done right. A blog is one of the top ways of lead generation. By sharing useful information about your industry, you could become the go-to resource for your audience when they need it.

Besides cementing your web presence, a blog is one of the best tools to earn recognition and revenue. But in order to be successful, you need to build your blog for lead generation.

Here are five ways to use your blog for lead generation.

Use calls to action: Although they are frequently used for landing pages and advertisements, calls to action are not that common for blog posts. But if you use a simple one or two line text to compel your reader to take action, it can make a world of difference.

You may even include links in the blog to your other posts or white papers. It’s a simple way to direct your reader to other places on your blog or website that could interest them.

Offer exclusive content: Aside from the regular free content on your blog, keep them aside from exclusive paid members only. For instance, aside from your regular blog content, you could consider offering podcasts or workshops only for paid members.

The trick is to provide enough value in your blog posts to make the audience want more. Several leading bloggers have used this strategy for lead generation.

Offer blog summary downloads: The ideal blog post length is about 1500 words, because that’s what Google finds useful. But not everyone has the time to read a 2000+ blog post.

So what you do is offer a summary of the post in exchange for the reader’s name and email. The summary discusses the post and the key takeaways in a few hundred words. This doesn’t just benefit your SEO but also helps in generating leads.

Connect with influencers: When you reach out and connect with top bloggers, you not only build your own brand image but also able to influence your audience. It takes time but it works.

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