Ensuring E-commerce Website Security

An E-commerce website involves purchases and transactions. Therefore the security of e-commerce websites is greater than any other.

When people decide to shop online, they want to be assured that the site is safe and their money or data will not be compromised in any way.

There is an increased awareness regarding data privacy these days, and visitors to any website know what they should look for.

In fact, website that are not secure have been started to be marked out by Google so that people know their data on the site will not be safe. If visitors see that your website is among the unsecured ones you face the grave danger of losing leads and potential customers.

Here are some of the basic security practices that all ecommerce websites should follow to make sure their online portal is secure and successful.


There are two kinds of website protocols – HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP is one of the most basic protocols.

This means if anyone hacks into the network all your data will be instantly visible and available for theft.

E-commerce website design should always be HTTPS because that’s what gives visitors more confidence about shopping on your platform

SSL certificate

There are various kinds of encryption protocols on the internet. However, not all of them are equally secure. Remember that a weak encryption protocol is as good as having no encryption at all.

Therefore always choose an SSL certificate as your encryption protocol to make sure that anyone visiting and transacting on your website remains safe and confident. Only this will make sure you get repeat customers.


Aside from the above security measures, ecommerce website design should also include a firewall. This is a set of security rules that govern the incoming and outgoing internet traffic.

Like a physical wall, a firewall prevents unauthorized users from getting access to the network. All these security measures combine to make your ecommerce website secure and trustworthy.

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