Email Marketing Carlsbad Habits to Break

Email Marketing Carlsbad

When it comes to digital marketing success, most want to stick to tried and tested methods instead of experimenting. While sticking to something that works isn’t a bad idea, being too safe can prevent you from exploring new avenues and strategies. Email marketing carlsbad is where experimenting greatly pays off. Of course there may be a few hits and misses here and there but in the process the marketer also finds out the strengths and weaknesses and what needs to be changed.

Content and design are the most necessary components of an email but there are other factors that running tests will help you find out.

In order to know what kind of tests to run it is helpful to consider your current strategies and to find out if you’re doing it all right. More often than not we get stuck onto something that once worked, and forget to analyze if those habits are fruitful in the long run. The sooner you break these email marketing carlsbad habits the quicker success will come to you.

You don’t personalize the sender name

Most marketers keep sending emails from their professional or business account. While that’s perfectly fine to get the job done, making the sender name more personalized leads to higher open rates. Instead of “” try using “Tom at”.

You may also use something like “Bob founder at”. Personalized sender name has proved to have a higher read rate and lower delete without reading rate.

You make the subject line boring

When sending emails to your target audience, remember that yours isn’t the only message in the inbox. Therefore, if the subject line of your emails is drab, it won’t stand out in the crowd and will be scrolled past. Using humor, emojis, special characters, and witty text are some of the ways to make your subject line pop. While scrolling through the inbox, the recipient is sure to stop and look.

Your tone is too professional

Email marketing carlsbad is used for connecting with the audience. While it’s all right to tread the fine line between professional and friendly, being overly professional can be boring and counterproductive.

You should develop your own voice, something that’s catchy, relatable, and also professional at the same time. Remember that the audience isn’t your BFF, so maintain a certain degree of professionalism. You’re here for business, after all.

You always keep it short

Short emails are good when there’s not much time. But your audience is not always time starved so sending a longer email  is actually good. A longer email helps you connect with your audience better.

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