How to Leverage Your E-Commerce Site For More Conversions

E-Commerce Site

An E-commerce site is a booming industry right now. Retail to fashion to food, all businesses have gone digital and how. Part of this is because of the convenience involved.

Both businesses and customers find e-commerce more convenient than traditional brick and mortar businesses. While customers can easily find what they’re looking for online and have things delivered right to their door steps, businesses can easily set up their online stores, saving on rent, taxes, and hassle.

It isn’t surprising that the demand for e-commerce is growing by the minute. Even traditional brick and mortar stores are going digital. And what is most important in driving success? The website design.

When a customer walks into a physical store, the ambience of the place and the ease of shopping determine if they end up making a purchase or walking away empty handed. It is the same in the case of an online store.

Visitors require the website design to make their shopping experience more convenient. If it isn’t so they are likely to close the browser without making a purchase.

Given the number of e-commerce sites today the competition is indeed stiff. To make sure your website design is paying off follow these four tips:

Have the right CTAs

Calls to action should always be direct. When you are running an online store the CTAs should be loud and clear. Visitors should have no confusion in determining how to add a certain product to their shopping bag.

The most successful eCommerce sites have simple and direct calls to action such as Buy Now or Add To Cart. You don’t need anything fancy when it comes to CTAs.

Secure shopping

Visitors to your eCommerce site want to be assured that they are shopping on a safe and trustworthy site. Your website design should always include the greenbar SSL.

This involves displaying the green padlock symbol followed by HTTPS, on the address bar. If your site is not secure with green bar SSL shopping cart abandonment is likely to increase.

Easy checkout

There are two checkout options on most e-commerce sites. Visitors either have the option of directly going to check out after selecting a product or adding the product to the bag and continuing shopping.

Any successful e-commerce site should have both of these options available to maximize conversion and decrease shopping cart abandonment rate.

Different payment methods

There are currently more than 200 different ways to pay online and many of them don’t require a credit card. Popular transaction methods include debit card, bank transfers, digital wallets, digital currency like Bitcoin, and others.

Your eCommerce website design should have as many of these options as possible to increase the number of shoppers.

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