Common Lead Generation Myths Debunked

Lead Generation

The very purpose of sales and marketing is to lead generate leads and convert them into paying customers. But quite often, lead generation becomes a complicated process.

The way it relates to customer service, marketing, and the whole sales team can quickly get blurred, resulting in a number of problems. Because the relation of lead generation with other aspects of the sales team is confusing, it has given rise to various myths.

When people end up believing these myths, it results in expensive mistakes that are hard to compensate for. Myths need to be debunked before they become deep-seated beliefs. Here we bust five of the most common myths regarding lead generation.

Myth #1: The software is everything

Organizations often think that having knowledge about the lead generation software is of utmost importance. But it isn’t so. What is actually needed is expert knowledge about lead generation itself.

Lead generation experts can work with any software because they are so adept at their job. Someone armed with expert knowledge and experience of generating leads can also choose the right software.

Myth #2: Vendors are responsible for providing leads

While the type of lead generation software vendor does affect the rate of generating leads to a certain extent, it isn’t their job to ensure you get leads.

They can only help you make the most of the resources you have to up your game and bring in leads. But it is ultimately the responsibility of the organization to be capable of attracting prospects.

Myth #3: There is a set buyer persona

Having a buyer persona is essential, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change or modify it. Your buyer persona isn’t set in stone; it should be flexible to adapt to the needs of your business or the trends in the industry. If you aren’t flexible about the kind of prospects or customers you want, you can end up losing opportunities.

Myth #4: Qualifying leads isn’t important

You may get a huge number of leads, but will all of them convert? Probably not. This is why you must always qualify converting leads and bring them to closing the deal.

Myth #5: Lead generation success cannot be tracked

The success of your lead generation can always be tracked, provided you have the right tools and analytics. In fact, tracking the results should be a top priority for the sales team.

Bust the myths and choose the right lead generation strategy for the most efficiency in driving and converting leads.

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