Cutting Edge Website Design Trends Of 2018

Website Design Trends

Websites may be the digital version of the print media, but they have undergone far more changes since the dawn of the new millennium than any print medium ever.

Website designers have coped with changing technology and various technical challenges to continuously keep producing websites that are clean, fast, user friendly, and stylish. Website design trends come and go; some stay longer than others and become classic, while some fade away faster than they come.

Existing websites can take a cue from upcoming design trends to become more efficient and attractive. After all, the whole purpose of website design is to attract visitors and stun them with the content, layout, and overall style.

While 2017 was the year of mobile sites taking over desktop browsing, this year has also gifted us with a number of trends. Here we take a look at a few of them:

Super saturated colors

There was a time when web design was all about simple, neutral colors. Those days are gone, with neutral colors being replaced by vibrant, saturated hues.

Vibrant shades are more attention grabbing and also help a brand stand out from the rest.

Mobile first

Mobile browsing has leaped ahead of desktop, and website design is done keeping in mind mobile users. Earlier it was difficult to fit all the menus and sub menus on a mobile site, but technical progression has enabled designers to overcome this challenge.

Bold typography

Aside from colors, what also attracts attention is typography. Website designers have ditched the standard typeface and started to use custom, handmade typefaces.

Handmade fonts are also very popular.

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