Things to Look For In Your Internet Marketing Analytics

Internet Marketing

When it comes to inbound internet marketing, everyone wants success without working too hard. But that isn’t how it happens. Social media likes and website pageviews aren’t true indicators if your marketing strategy is working.

To accurately find out if your inbound marketing strategy is working, you need to study the analytics.

Google Analytics is the best and most used analytics tool to track almost all website analytics to get accurate information about traffic, conversions, and more. Once you get your analytics data, it is time to find out what the results are trying to tell you.

Sometimes the analytics can convey important messages about your internet marketing strategy. Some of the things you should look for are:


Most people feel pretty happy with their website design because it looks good and also brings in visitors. Then the analytics show that the site gets over 10,000-page views every month, but none of them convert.

If this is your story, where you get loads of page views but not enough leads, you need to rethink your website design. Your traffic sources can be several, and you may also get plenty of visitors, but efficient website design will not only attract leads but also help them convert.


The success of your social media marketing can also be deduced from the analytics. Likes and followers may make you feel good, but you are actually successful if your followed turn into customers.

Compare the number of viewers, followers, and likes to the number of customers your social media content brought you. This will give you the overall engagement rate. You can then try to share middle or bottom of the funnel content to convert the followers into customers.


There are several ways a lead may convert. A social media follower becoming subscriber is a conversion, even though did not make any monetary gain.

Do not belittle these conversions. Instead, use the analytics tool to find out exactly how many ways your leads are converting.

Determining your conversion rate will help you focus more on the leads that have the potential to convert instead of those that will never do, making your digital marketing campaigns successful.

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