Website Design Mistakes That Spell Disaster

Website Design Mistakes

Your business website is your virtual office. It’s where people usually look when they want to find more information about who you are and what you do.

No matter what kind of business you own, without a website you are invisible online. Today, no one wants to trust a business that doesn’t have an online presence.

If you aren’t on Google, you aren’t credible. Given this scenario, it goes without saying that the success of your website depends on the website design. When the design and layout of the business is effective, visitors keep coming back and eventually become leads.

Website design isn’t as easy as many tend to assume. In fact, the following mistakes can render the design of your website ineffective for the desired purpose or results.

Adding too many features

The biggest bane of website design is clutter. When we see a page on our computer screen, a cluttered design strains our eyes and makes it hard to value the content.

Closely spaced text, too many elements on the sidebar, light text on a dark background, and a complex layout are some of reasons why a website may appear cluttered and crowded. It’s a potential turn off for visitors who may never want to visit again until you change the design.

Getting too hooked to a certain design

You might have liked a website design and wanted it for your own site. But that design may not work for your site. Despite this, if you try to implement that design simply because you like it a lot, your website will end up a disaster.

The design of your website should be flexible and right for your type of business, product, or service. Getting hooked on a certain design and refusing to change isn’t the best decision for your site.

Not conducting proper research before design

Website design trends keep coming and going. Before starting to design your website, find out what works and what doesn’t. There are certain elements that always work and certain elements that shouldn’t be incorporated at all. Without this research into design practices, you may end up including elements that will not be a success.

Not knowing what users want

What do your visitors want on your site? What don’t they want? Keeping your user’s desires and expectations in mind are highly important when designing a site. Your visitors are who the website is for.

Therefore, you should incorporate elements that they will like, not something that you love. The site should be about them; if you blow your own horn without consideration for the audience, your website design will never be a success.

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