Best Email Marketing Practices You Need

One of the easiest and cost effective ways to market your business and convert leads into paying customers is email marketing.

Getting people to subscribe to your blog or website with an attractive lead magnet, then regularly sending them insightful, valuable content is one of the simplest ways to remain visible and convince subscribers to take action.

Email marketing is used by all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size, because it is affordable and less complicated than other forms of marketing. Besides, email marketing is more targeted than other options. Only those who want your emails will subscribe.

However, even though email marketing is so simple, there are some potential pitfalls that can mar its chances of success. Eager to taste results without much sweat, several entrepreneurs and business owners get into email marketing without proper preparation. This usually results in poor efficiency and less than desired results.

Some of the biggest mistakes are made designing the email itself. To avoid those mistakes and increase the chances of success, make sure to follow these five email marketing practices.

Web browsers vs email marketing clients

You may design a high resolution email layout that appears beautiful on the web browser, but when it finally reaches the recipient, half of the elements are missing.

Why? Because the email client doesn’t support them. Email clients are generally far behind than web browsers, so it’s safe to keep the design simple.

Make it responsive

When you choose email marketing, there’s no way of knowing if the recipient will read the email on desktop or mobile. Therefore, it is wise to keep the layout responsive, so that it nicely opens on all kinds of devices.

Be careful with images

To prevent blocked images, use the alt text to describe the content of the image. Some images may still be blocked by the email client, so make sure you don’t put any valuable information in them.

Don’t forget to test

Once you design the email, test it a million times to find out if everything looks great. Avoid using image mapping in emails, and always use absolute links for the image resources. Make sure the images are retina-ready.

Following these email marketing practices will make every campaign successful and make subscribers want to read your emails.

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