Five Essential Components of Content Strategy

A content strategy is an essential component of a business’ marketing plan.

Developing a solid content strategy is of vital importance as content is said to be king when reaching out to target audiences and acts as a bridge between the business and consumers.

Key content strategy development therefore, depends on who it’s being created for; the problems it will solve for a particular audience; its uniqueness; the formats its creator will focus on; and the channels on which it will publish on.

The seven major components of content strategy are:

  1. Defining your goal. Begin by asking yourself why you are developing the content strategy for producing content and subsequently creating the plan for content marketing. So, define your goals before the planning starts and it’ll be all the easier for you to ascertain what’s best for the strategy.
  2. Conduct a content audit. Even though a majority of people start with blogs, you could want to produce other types of content. However, you must learn to prioritize which content should come first. For example, instead of running blog posts weekly say, for a year, you could have an eBook containing all published blog posts as a new format for offering information. Your content auditing efforts should also include periodical review of all your efforts. This will help you work out what should be done differently in future and in setting new targets to reach.
  3. Do a thorough persona research. After all, you create content for a specific audience. That’s why you need to know your buyers’ persona first, especially important if you are in marketing. Once you know what the target audience wants, playing to the galleries becomes easier through more valuable and relevant content.
  4. Have a system for content management. This requires managing your content and having provisions for content creation, publication and analytics for measuring results.
  5. Social media calendar. The content strategy should also have a social media calendar to monitor and guide you on when to publish what, keeping changing customer trends in mind.   

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