How to Make Your Content Evergreen

No, this has nothing to do with any type of tree. Evergreen in this context means something seriously different! Content marketing is changing every day. What is new today is stale tomorrow.

A blog that you publish today on artificial intelligence may not be relevant five years down the line. This means you have to keep refreshing and optimizing your published content to keep it up to date.

But what if you could keep your content evergreen forever? Even though it isn’t easy, it is certainly possible. A few small steps can take your marketing game a few notches higher and make your content evergreen down the year.

  1. Check the analytics of every publish post and single out the ones with the highest number of views, comments, and shares. These indicate the popularity of a post. The more popular the topics, the longer its shelf life will be. A post that gets thousands of views even after three years of being published is certainly one of those that will become evergreen. When optimizing your older content, keep only the highest rated ones and remove the others.
  2. You must also check if the topic is still relevant today. What worked in 1999 may not be relevant anymore. Therefore, once you have sorted out the most popular topic, take the time to optimize them by updating your writing style, cutting out outdated information and adding fresh facts and examples. Also remember to update the images, video, and audio to reflect the change. You can either rewrite the whole article or only add updates.
  3. The people who read your blog back in 2000 may not be your current readers. Therefore, your article needs to be updated according to the current demographics. Use Google Analytics to learn more about your current audience. If the same type of people is still viewing your content, then you don’t need to upgrade for demographics. If the audience has changed, then the topics also need to be refreshed.
  4. Don’t forget to share the repurposed content on social media. Back in 1999, there was no place you could share online. Sharing the updated content online gives more exposure, builds links and helps develop a following. The more you share the content, the more people will get to read your older popular posts.

Making your content evergreen is the key to keep your website traffic consistent. Contact MaxAudience for all digital marketing services in the pleasant San Diego area.

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