Four Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

When was the last time you upgraded your website? It may only feel like yesterday, but in reality it may be almost five years. That’s a long time in the world of web design. It’s probably time to redesign your website.

The trends and practices in web design keep changing every few months, thanks to technology undergoing rapid change.

Digital Marketing Evolution

As technology evolves, websites also evolve to stay up to date. If you don’t upgrade your web design to keep up with these changes, your business will be left behind while your competitors attract more traffic and leads.

MaxAudience specializes in digital marketing and web design. If you are in or around San Diego, MaxAudience can not only educate you about the latest web design trends but also create the right design for you. And as we all know; custom designs always work better than readymade templates.

So how do you know if it’s time to upgrade your website? Here are four signs:

Your site isn’t responsive: Mobile devices dominate the world of technology today, so your website must have a responsive design that adapts to any type of screen.

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you are turning away more than half of the visitors, because most people prefer to access the internet from their phones. If you site takes a long time to load and doesn’t read well on mobile devices, it’s time to upgrade your web design.

Your site doesn’t bring clients: When your site fails at the job it’s supposed to do, that brings in leads, it signals that you need to upgrade your SEO. For your website to be able to bring in clients, it needs to show up on search results. And without the right SEO practices, organic traffic is hard to come by. Redesigning your website will also involve upgrading the SEO.

Your competitors have better websites: When you take a look at your competition’s website, your own site feels like a hundred years old. If you get that feeling, it’s time to get ahead of the competition and give your site a facelift. Remember that your website is your online image. If your competition does it better, then they will attract all the leads, while you scratch your head.

Your content is old: If all your posts are from the year 2015, your content is seriously old. When people see dated content, they think you don’t care about your website. A web design upgrade will take down all dated content and add fresh, exciting, and engaging content.

A Digital Marketing Company that Cares

MaxAudience has been working with San Diego businesses for over ten years. For the best web design and SEO services, MaxAudience is the trusted name in San Diego.

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