Latest Trends in Email Marketing

One of the oldest mediums of marketing communication is email. In fact, it is older than mobile marketing, which is gaining popularity in recent times. Email marketing essentially means the use of emails to send across promotional or marketing messages to customers and target audience.

Email marketing is one of the easiest digital marketing strategies and also brings in the highest ROI. And the best part about email marketing is that it can be done for free.

That is why email marketing is used by both small and established businesses, because it’s so cost effective.

But like every changing technology, email marketing has also undergone several changes in the last few years.  The following are the current trends in email marketing that you must be aware of.

Interactive content

It isn’t enough to just send messages that are only to be read. Email marketing should have content that requires user engagement. Some examples of interactive email content include live menus and navigation carousels, image galleries, product tour, and quizzes. Such interactive content encourages participation from the user and help in building a connection.

Automated email marketing

Marketing automation is the buzzword everywhere. No one wants to perform tedious, repetitive tasks anymore when the computer is capable of performing them more efficiently. Email marketing can also become tedious and monotonous if you send emails a few times a week and have a huge number of subscribers.

When you automate your emails, you can focus on more important tasks while your emails get sent just when you want them to. You can accomplish this by connecting a CRM system with marketing automation software.

Mobile marketing

Most people view emails on a mobile device, therefore you need to optimize your emails appropriately. For a better viewing experience on mobile screens, you need to use mobile email templates.

Since the space for subject lines is small, you need to be very concise. In mobile emails, the use of images and interactive content should be more than text.

Personalized emails

It’s important to personalize the opening greeting in an email and follow it up with a brief message that is easy to read and comprehend. You should design your emails in a way that gives the impression that you are a real person for a real audience.

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