How to Choose The Best Content Management System

There are several content management systems and online website builders available today, so much so that the choices can seem overwhelming. If you’re new to this whole web design game, even the simplest web design tool can feel complicated and difficult.

But choosing the right one shouldn’t be that hard. The options are plenty, and it doesn’t mean you must use what your competitor uses. There are various factors that influence which content management system you choose.

You first need to determine your website’s goals. How do you want your website to look, feel, and function? Regardless of how you want it, every part of your website must be connected to your business.

Logic in Marketing

For instance, if you sell beer, your website cannot look like a fashion design house. Your website is the result of your business, not the other way around.

Before you start discussing design, layouts, colors, functionality, and platforms with your team, you must have a clear idea of the specific goals of your website.

You must understand the demographics of your customer base, and also be aware of your competitors and what they are doing online. You also have to keep in mind the age, gender, income, status, education level, and ethnicity, of your customer base.

Sensible Decisions

Once you have figured out your customer base, you need to find out all about your competition’s online presence, asking yourself what they are doing right and what they aren’t. Consider how your customers use technology and how you can make your website easy and enjoyable for them to access.

Once you have a good idea about your customers and your competition, and about your own likes and dislikes, you need to consider what you expect your website to do for you. If you work with a digital marketing and web design agency, they will work with you to help you determine which CMS is right for your business.

Once you have all of these figured out, there are four major CMS platforms you can take your pick from, they are:

  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Bigcommerce

All of them are easy to use and have a range of features ideal for any type of business.

Utilizing the help of a creative agency like MaxAudience will save you much of the hassle and get you a brilliant website in a shorter time. Talk to MaxAudience web design experts to get started on your CMS today.


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