4 Inbound Marketing Strategies You Must Use

It’s 2018 and companies are carefully planning their inbound marketing strategies for success.

Inbound marketing is important to every business and in order to remain relevant to their industries and grow their customer base, companies use inbound marketing to increase their presence online.

It goes without saying that inbound marketing is a vital part of digital marketing. And when it comes to driving leads to your website, content marketing still remains unbeatable.

Whether you do it in the form of email marketing or in the form of guest blogging, content marketing goes a long way in driving more traffic and leads to your website. It has been found that companies that blog generate over 60 percent more leads every month compared to those that don’t have a blog.

When you write blogs, you must provide interesting, useful, and applicable content that customers will want to read. That is when content marketing is most effective.

So, what are the most important inbound marketing strategies to consider? Let’s look at them.


Every customer instantly feels a connection with the brand when referred to by name. This goes for every industry. When you’re a repeat customer at a restaurant, and the servers know you by name, it gives a sense of connection.

When a clothing store remembers your size every time you shop, that creates a sense of connection. Therefore, the same strategy must be applied in content marketing too. When sending out emails to customers, always refer to them by their name.

This gives the impression that you know them. Personalization also involves knowing the interests and preferences of the customer and delivering relevant and useful content. The more specific the content is to the customer’s interests, the more successful your inbound marketing strategy will be.


No one wants content that is of no interest to them (think Bosch, The Walking Dead, 24 – riveting content like this!), and this also includes advertisements. If you must use advertising, make sure the ads are targeted at the right people and are specific to their interests. Ad targeting is a big part of inbound marketing. If your ads aren’t relevant or targeted, it’s hard to make them effective.


Everyone loves to be engaged, and nothing engages better than visual storytelling. Be it a video or a photo montage, describing your brand, your products or services with the means of storytelling is sure to captivate audience’s interests and make them more curious about what you are selling.

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