Local Marketing for Bigger Business Growth, Part I

Focusing on local marketing strategies often results in much greater business growth than when companies run much wider-spread marketing campaigns.  There are also a lot of incredible ways that you can appeal to local audiences.  Here are a few of the tactics that you can use for your business to start building up a strong local customer base.

Give Back First and foremost, be sure that you are helping to take care of the area where your business is located.  There are many ways that you can do this. For instance, it might mean supporting a local youth program, volunteering employee time to perform some community service, or hosting an event with proceeds going to a specified local cause.  This will paint a better image for your company, of course, but can also increase brand awareness while improving the area.

Partner and Cross-Promote It is always a good idea to consider how you can partner with other companies to improve exposure, brand recognition, and marketing successes.  Don’t just look at companies related to your industry.  Consider the other services and goods that your customer base would desire, and then reach out to the companies in those niches to develop a marketing campaign that can benefit both.

Understand the Balance of Supply and Demand You can really use this information to your advantage, particularly on a local level, if you truly understand what the given demand is over a defined period of time.  Reducing supply, without raising price, can lead to more people actively searching for your product.  Do this only for a short period of time, of course, so people don’t lose interest.  It can actually lead to greater brand recognition, though.

Be Active in the Community Don’t forget that part of building a loyal customer base in a localized area is going to rely on your ability to appeal to that niche.  The best way to do that is to get out and interact with the people who will be your consumers.  Volunteer your time, join the local PTA, chat with people at local sporting events, attend fairs and festivals, and partake in other such activities as often as possible in order to build the relationships that will really grow your company.

These are some good, simple steps that can be taken to start building your local customer base.  In the next post, we’ll look at some other, slightly more involved tips to continue that growth.

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