Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and Your Brand

The social media realm is being reinvented right now, and millions may be entirely unaware that it is happening.  While many bloggers, journalists, and skeptics are reporting on the “inevitable death of social media”, others are noting a shift occurring that has nothing to do with the eventual demise of the most popular platforms, but rather with a new and improved, future version of them.

Artificial intelligence has become a sort of hot button keyword in recent months, for obvious reasons.  After all, those generations living now are the first to witness an actual conversation between robots, unaided- and unprompted by mankind.  It makes sense that the experts and the general public would be intrigued by what the future of AI may look like, and how it may impact those technologies we are already familiar with.

It’s not just talk either.  Several companies have put up large sums of money in order to possess artificial intelligence at the ground level.  Well, perhaps ‘ground level’ isn’t exactly accurate.  In 2014, Business Insider was already reporting on the use of artificial intelligence by some of the leading social media platforms:

“Now, though, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are beginning to use artificial intelligence techniques to build out their “deep learning” capacities. They’re starting to process all the activity occurring over their networks, from conversations, to photo facial recognition, to gaming activity.”

The same article also reported that Google had purchased DeepMind, an algorithm-writing company for $400 million.  This was just one of the noteworthy acquisitions of the time.

Since then, though, artificial intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds.  Today, it is being used by countless companies and performing a seemingly endless myriad of tasks, many of which directly impact social media, and particularly how it is used by marketers.

Much like the companies who refused to realize the potential of social media until their competitors were outgrowing them by huge margins, those marketers who are not making the most of AI today could find themselves left behind very soon.

Media Update recently outlined three of the major tasks that AI is already managing for those companies wise enough to use it — conversation tracking (aka. social listening), competitor analysis, and content optimization.  In other words, by properly using artificial intelligence, your brand can:

  • Know what consumers are talking about.
  • Know what consumers want and when they want it.
  • Know what consumers like (or dislike) about your brand.
  • Know what moves the competitor is making and how well that is working.
  • Know what to say, how to say it, where to say it, and when to say it to attract new leads and to encourage repeat sales.

Will social media die? Maybe.  Most likely, though, it will continue to evolve and if your brand wants to continue to maximize the potential of those platforms, then you should be using artificial intelligence.

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