The Modified Social Media Mantra and the Mistakes of Marketers

Are the negative sentiments of millions ruining your chances of scoring big with media marketing?

This is a question being asked by some of the biggest- and most successful marketers in the country, as fear spreads about how the general public is viewing social media these days.  Once upon a time, Facebook and its competitors provided a chance to escape into another world, filling with friends, family members, and faces from the past.  These networks gave the average individual the opportunity to watch nieces, nephews, grandkids, and friends’ kids grow from afar.  They offered a platform for sharing news about the big (and not so big) events in life.  At some point, though, the view of social networking changed.  Click bait is considered one of the biggest offenders, filling feeds with advertising-laden material.  However, even more upsetting, according to the masses, is the way in which Facebook and other such sites have become platforms for complaints, controversies, and cynicism.  That sort of negativity, for many, has ruined the enjoyment.

The fact that more and more people are resolving to spend less time on social media is bad enough for marketers, but add to this the ever-changing algorithms that seems to be laser focused on destroying any potential marketing success on these sites, and you have reason for wide spread concern among marketers.  This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have successful social media marketing campaigns, but it does make it even more essential to avoid costly mistakes, such as:


Failing to Understand the Tools

There are many marketing tools at one’s disposal these days.  Many of these are built into the social networking platforms.  Others can be found in automatic social publishing services, and some are activated independently.  It is better to have a clear understanding of one such tool set than to employ several without really grasping the power within.  Too many marketers have multiple levels of data feedback, for instance, but don’t really understand how to make sense of any of it.  Thus, the tools prove essentially useless and campaigns are more apt to fail.


Failing to Have a Clear Plan of Attack

A lot of marketers have been known to launch campaigns without even knowing what they hope to accomplish with it, how they plan to call attention to it, and how they will measure its success. It was always foolish to do so, but with social media marketing being increasingly challenging, this is like throwing money away.


Measuring the Wrong Metrics

As mentioned above, a campaign can only be deemed a success after evaluation.  How to you determine the return on the investment?  A wise marketer will have predefined goals and will know which metrics can be used to measure whether or not those goals were met.

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