Mistakes Made When Establishing Your Content Strategy, Part II And How to Fix Them

In the last post, we looked at some of the common mistakes that companies make when establishing their content marketing strategy.  There was still more to mention, however, so we will continue the discussion here, with two more highly common errors made by companies.  After all, recognizing the problem is the first step toward correcting it.

Mistake #4: Failed to Recognize the Connection Between Worlds

There seem to be three types of people in the world these days:

  1. The person who believes everything important happens online.
  2. The person who fears or avoids everything related with online communities.
  3. The person who can easily transition from the internet- to face-to-face interaction.

If you want to be highly successful in business in the 21st century, then you should absolutely strive to be the third type of person.  Placing too much stock in online marketing is nearly as dangerous as avoiding it all together.  Building relationships in person is very worthwhile, and can generally lead instill a greater sense of loyalty.  Online, however, it is often easier to reach the person when they are most apt to make a purchase or seeking information of the products and services that you have to offer.  This can also serve as a great platform for continuing conversations that started in person.  That connection is important, and if you haven’t made it yet, then now is the time to fix the problem.

How to Fix It It is essential that you continue to market your company offline as well, but do all that you can to bring customers from one world to the other.  If you own a brick-and-mortar, for instance, this may mean offering incentives to the in-store customers who go online to like your social profile.  It might mean offering deals via mobile to those entering your store.  It may mean including your social handles on your business cards.  These

Mistake #5: Not Using Video (Or Using it in the Wrong Ways)

Video is really ruling the world of content right now.  It is eye catching, engaging, and can say a lot in a little space.  If you’ve failed to use video to market your business or you aren’t making the most of those opportunities, you may be missing out on the chance to build a stronger customer base and to draw in new consumers.

How to Fix It First and foremost, consider how video can be used to promote your company and start using it.  Don’t do so on a whim though.  Take the time, and set aside the budget, to create something of quality that will truly appeal to the intended audience.  The first step, always, should be to draft a plan.  This should include details of what the video will be — a script and information about the backdrop and imagery to be used — but should also look into how-, where-, when-, and by whom the video will be shot.  You should also be clear about what you hope to accomplish with the new content.  Where will you post it?  Who do you want to view it?  How will you gauge its success?

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