Mistakes Made When Establishing Your Content Marketing Strategy And How to Fix Them

Content marketing is a huge component of business growth these days.  The web has become integral to everyday life, so businesses must be inclined to make use of the promotional possibilities that existing in the digital world.  Likely, you have already made an attempt at content marketing, but if you are reading this article, then it’s not working for you.  That leads us to believe that you made at least one of the following mistakes when establishing your content marketing strategy.

Mistake #1: You Didn’t Make Use of Your Resources (the Human Variety)

Whether you are a three-person company, a three-thousand-person company, or a three-hundred-thousand-person company, you must take advantage of the mind power at your disposal.  Do not forget the content-creation value that exists in the various departments of your business.  There are people there with stories to tell — customer service stories, case studies to present, employment impressions, and more.  Storytelling is at the root of nearly every great content marketing campaign.

How to Fix It: Take time to do a review of your company, its departments, and the people within each.  Consider what angles each could take in the creation of new content.  Brainstorm.  Make requests.  Reward those who are willing to assist in this way.

Mistake #2: You Didn’t Have an Analytics Plan Before Launching

Understanding data is the key to making content marketing easier, yet there are still a very large number of companies trying to go it without any clear understanding of the analytics.  There is much data to be had today and failing to take advantage of it, failing to have a plan of attack when analyzing the numbers can cost your company dearly.

How to Fix It: Begin to consider what the goal is for each upcoming campaign.  Determine what information you need to measure its effectiveness is achieving that goal.  Figure out how you will obtain that information, and then follow through with the analysis to ensure each consecutive campaign is more apt to be successful than the last.

Mistake #3: You Underestimated the Time Commitment

It’s true that content marketing can be a very productive way to grow your business.  However, it takes time to do content marketing well.  It takes a lot of time.  Trying to squeeze the related tasks into the free minutes in the day is bound to end in little more than failure.

How to Fix It: Really effective content marketing requires commitment and dedication.  When your time is needed for the production-related tasks of running the company, then you can’t really be as devoted to content marketing as you need to be.  For this reason, it is often best for companies to either outsource this aspect of the business, or to invest in a content management system software (CMS).  These services are proving increasingly powerful, but they will still require man hours, which is why they should be accompanied by an analytics team.



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