Content Marketing Must-Dos in 2018

The New Year is officially in full swing and that means that many companies are beginning to launch new marketing campaigns and strategies.  If you are still considering how to make your 2018 marketing efforts a big success, consider the following steps that may be taken to improve your content marketing strategy.

1. Give Old Content a Makeover

In most cases, brands have blogs, articles, news pages or other sources of content on their websites.  Of those, a certain percentage are considered evergreen pieces, which can be used as shared content at any time, remaining relevant month after month, year after year.  The good news is that, very often, these posts have already been shared or linked to from social accounts and other websites.  That means that you already have an established page that you can build upon.  This is why many companies are revamping old content in the New Year – improving keyword integration, tying it to modern events, etc.  Give it a fresh spin and the content can be used to boost your presence, reputation, and success online.  It has been reported that more than half of all marketers are already taking steps to refresh old content.  Are you?

2. Bring Your Video to Facebook

Don’t just share it on Facebook.  Create it on Facebook.  There is already evidence that this social media platform is going to offer big incentives for those who are using their video platform.  There have been suggestions that these perks could include preferential placement in the news feed.  That could mean greater exposure with your intended audience.

3. Forget One-Time Videos, Focus on Series

Rather than posting one video on a topic of interest, and then moving on to create another video on another topic in the hopes that you will attract an audience each time you post new video content, consider creating a series.  There are big advantages that comes with video series online.  Firstly, they increase the likelihood of visitors subscribing to your feed (because they want to be sure to see the next in the series).  Secondly, production costs per video are generally less because you can do so much of it all at once.

4. Podcast in Clusters

Series, as mentioned in the section above, can be a great content marketing strategy.  You should definitely consider them in 2018, but when it comes to podcasting, don’t sign on for a never-ending project.  Instead, podcast in short series that are run-and-done, rather than establishing a weekly podcast that requires a long-term commitment.

5. Revamp the Budget

Time to let go of the 2016 budget plan.  It isn’t going to cut it in 2018.  Content marketing costs are on the rise.  Not just the costs to advertise, but also the costs to create.  Content has to be stellar to stand out, and you’re unlikely to get a lot of organic exposure these days.  Plan appropriately to get the most from your content.




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