Augmented Reality: A Definite Marketing Trend for 2018

If you are beginning to look forward to formulate your marketing goals for the New Year, then you should definitely be considering the advantages that augmented reality could bring to your brand.  There are many to be listed.  Augmented reality is providing consumers the opportunity to interact with companies and products in an entirely new way.  The following are just a few ways that you can bring your brand and your goods to (augmented) life for your customers.

Bringing Life to the Peripheral Just as you may have advertised in the side panels of Facebook or Google Search, you can make the use of added space in the three-dimensions created with augmented reality.  You can give them a reason to turn their head, in essence.  Make it enticing enough and you may just get them to reach out and grab what you have to offer.

Set the Scene for Your Brand’s Story Storytelling is certainly nothing new in 2018.  This has been a primary focus for brands for several years now, and particularly since the success of social media.  However, storytelling can take on a new dimension in the New Year, with the help of augmented reality.  Everything becomes more believable, more ‘real’, when a person can see it with their own eyes.  Grandma’s kitchen can come to life before their eyes in the augmented world.  In fact, you are limited only by your imagination.  It’s a storyteller’s paradise.

Allow Them to Tour the Store With augmented reality, it is possible to bring the customer into the store.  They can walk the aisles, look at products they may never have considered otherwise.  They can see the covers of your books, enjoy the artwork on your one-of-a-kind packaging, or read the ingredients in your newest beverage.  All of this is made possible with this big trend of 2018.

Prime Placement Users of augmented reality can visit many places that they might not otherwise ever see.  You can do the same for your product.  Always dreamed of seeing your product advertised on the screens of Time Square?  Augmented reality may just present a way to make your dream come true.  It’s not just the big-ticket areas where this applies either.  While you may only be able to offer your product for sale online, in the world created with augmented reality, your product can fill the store shelves.

If you haven’t yet considered how you can use augmented reality to give your brand a boost in the New Year, now is the time to do so.

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