Facebook’s Split-Feed Layout: What It Could Mean For Your Company

Business woman with question mark on a blackboard

If you haven’t heard the news from Facebook regarding the split feed, you should probably keep reading.  This was a tremendous bit of information for the average marketing manager in this country.  Facebook, which is a hugely important part of most marketing campaigns in this country, is considering a big chance to the rules of the game, which might just lead many companies to completely rethink the way that they approach the social network.

Six countries are seeing a new view of Facebook that they rest of us may or may not see in the future.  The beta test is taking place in Serbia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, and Bolivia.  It features two feeds, side-by-side, rather than the conventional Facebook single feed.

For many months, Facebook has been fielding requests, complaints and questions from the general public regarding their desire for an easier way to see the posts that they care about most – those organically created by friends and family members.  Most people do agree that their personal feeds contain far too much marketing-related materials these days, and they would rather see the pictures of their cousin’s wedding, their nephew’s birthday party, or their best friend’s new pet.  By splitting the feed, Facebook believes, it may be possible to appeal to marketers and to the primary Facebook users.

Of course, marketing managers worry that if the two-feed system is unrolled in this country, it could greatly interfere in the effectiveness of their campaigns.  After all, many users will only choose to scroll through the personal feed, ignoring the business side (aka. ‘Explore Section’) of things all together.

This move won’t rule out Facebook for most companies.  It has simply proven far too effective as a marketing outlet.  It may just push up the cost of promoted posts, though, as companies compete for the top spots in the Explore feed.  It is possible that Facebook executives believe that the boost in advertising costs will counter the loss of small businesses and organizations who feel that FB advertising is no longer worthwhile.  It was said, though, that companies can still achieve organic reach with the explore feed.  It will contain both paid and organic posts.

This does mean, though, that your company may want to change its approach to Facebook.  There will be an even greater need for eye-catching, engaging content.  It will also be necessary to carefully consider how much value can be garnered by promoting a post.