Are You Making the Most of Marketing?

Spreading brand awareness, building an online community for your company, and increasing sales means making the most of your marketing campaigns.  Knowing this, companies are generally willing to set aside a rather large percentage of their overall budgets specifically for use by the marketing department.  Nevertheless, these budgets are often still tight, and that means doing more with less.  Fortunately, there are relatively inexpensive ways that you can reach your niche, expand your audience, and keep moving the company forward.

Hawk Your Handles Take every opportunity to encourage customers and others to like, connect, follow and share online.  You should include your social handles in all email correspondences, newsletters, at your expo booths, in shipped packages, on business cards, and anywhere else you can think to work them in.  This is a way to get a little more bang for your buck, and to maximize the potential of everything marketing effort.

Create GIFs Video sells.  If you aren’t taking advantage of the video trend then you are missing out, and the short, interactive image files are like packing all of the power of video into a few seconds and without the need for a video-making budget.  There are plenty of tutorials online for creating animated GIFs.

Social Stalk Your Competitors If you aren’t following your competitors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere, stop reading right now.  Go follow those accounts and then come back to read more.  If you don’t pay attention to what they are doing, then you are likely to be left behind without ever realizing that it’s happening.  What should you be looking for?  Check out which of their pieces of content are best received and figure out why.  Then, take advantage of that knowledge.

Make Some Hard Copies It’s true that the world is ruled by the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean that there is no room for the old fashioned face-to-face marketing.  In fact, many people respond really well to it, welcoming the change of pace.  So, make some hard copies of the newsletter or print some promotional post cards, and hit the streets.  It won’t cost you a great deal and could garner some serious customer loyalty.

Just Ask If you want others to spread the word about your brand, then you must ask.  Better yet, host a photo contest that encourages user-generated content.  This is great and inexpensive way to promote your company. Better yet, people are more trusting of content created by friends and family members.

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