Make the Most of Facebook Interest Targeting

It has come to our attention that while many people make use of the age and location targeting features on Facebook Ads, there are still many who shy away from the interest targeting option.  This form of targeting, however, can really be beneficial for narrowing down to a specific niche of consumers who are most apt to invest in your product or service.  There is undeniably a certain knack to getting the most out of interest targeting, but with a few helpful hints, you may just find you get a significant boost in your return on investment.

Use Precision Let us return to Marketing 101 for a moment.  Niche marketing is the theory that marketing your product to a very specific population will result in great returns.  The more specific your niche is, the more successful this form of marketing will be.  This is the most important thing to keep in mind when using Facebook’s interest targeting.  Avoid broad terms that are likely to result in your advertisement reaching people who would never have an interest in your product or service.  For example, an interest in music and entertainment is not the same thing as having an interest in buying brass instruments.  It is important to be specific.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed Part of the reason why the Facebook Ad Interest Targeting feature is so successful for so many brands, is because it includes a very large number of different categories.  According to the social platform, there are more than a quarter million of them to choose from.  Just focus on what your brand does best and do relevant searches for related interests.  Facebook is happy to make suggestions based on your search.

Consider Piggybacking Interest targeting is fabulous and can greatly narrow your audience, but if you don’t feel as though you are reaching a specific enough niche, consider filtering by purchasing habit as well.  This is another of Facebook’s unique features.

Keep an Eye on Your Count Facebook, as you know if you have used the ad feature, will give you an estimated view of how many people you can reach based on the criteria you have set.  Choosing different areas of interest will make this number rise and fall.  It is generally recommended that you aim to keep this number between 2,000 and 5,000 people.  However, this is not a universal rule and you should carefully consider how big your niche really is as well as the size of your advertising budget before determining what size audience is reasonable.

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