3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Trying to Build an Online Presence

Building an online presence for your brand may not be easy, but it is definitely worthwhile.  It has been estimated that a company can make as much as $350 per year per social follower, if those in charge use the right approach to build up that followership.

How Well Do You Calendar?

Many people schedule by the hour or the half hour.  This is good practice, of course.  It is better to keep a schedule by the hour than to keep no schedule at all.  However, if you really want to maximize your time and want to make the most of your social media efforts, then you should really consider scheduling by 15-minute time blocks.

Before you begin this process, however, take stock of what you do during the day now.  Creating this sort of time schedule on a whim is difficult, but if you have a good idea of what you do with your time, you can better plan for days to come.  Furthermore, this will help you pick out times during the day that are frequently wasted.  In order to properly track your day, set a timer to ring every fifteen minutes (during daylight hours) and record what you were doing for the fifteen minutes prior.  Be honest with yourself and you’ll really learn a great deal about what’s important in your life and how you might be able to streamline your day to make more time for the social media exposure that can really make a huge impact for your brand.

How Well Do You Focus?

Speaking to a specific audience is a very important part of the social media marketing process.  The more detailed you are in defining your niche, the better able you will be to understand who those people are, what they like, how they speak, when they are most apt to interact online, and what they want to know about.  Once you have that sort of insight, the social media strategy becomes much easier to define as well.  Campaigns will be more effective when they speak directly to the most interested audience.

Do You Know How Many Followers You Need?

Once you’ve blocked out the time that you need to manage your social accounts, and you have properly defined your niche audience, it is time to start building those profiles up.  How many followers do you really need to have an effective social presence for your brand? There aren’t specific numbers, but it is far more important to attract genuinely interested followers, as opposed to generic followers.  1,000 Instagram followers and 3,000 Facebook followers who fit neatly into your niche are far more valuable to your brand than 10,000 Instagram and 20,000 Facebook generic followers.  For the sake of setting a goal for your brand, aim to attract an average of 100 niche followers per week per account.  You must understand, of course, that as your following grows, attracting new followers will become increasingly easier, so you may not be able to add 100 followers in the first week, but you may not have any problem increasing your followership by as many as 100 followers per day a year from now (assuming, of course, that you follow through with your dedicated, niche-focused approach).

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