Three Great Things All Business Websites Have In Common

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The Internet has long been considered one of the most powerful tools in the world of business today. A good company site can expand a business’ reach, ensuring any potential target audience learns more about what your business has to offer and moves down the sales funnel quickly.

The problem with a company site, though, is that it’s not just a matter of throwing together a template and adding some content. It takes quite a bit more to make it a success. Worried yours doesn’t measure up? Take a look at the elements of great company websites to learn more about what you can add to yours.

Consistent Branding

Imagine walking into an Apple store that looked like a Target instead of the brand that you’ve come to know? It would be pretty disorienting, wouldn’t it? A brand has to be consistent across channels, and that includes your website as much as anything else. Ensure you have the right voice, you’re using the right brand mark, you’ve employed the same colors, and you’re utilizing similar fonts and imagery across the site. You want a site that portrays the same brand your customers find familiar and trustworthy.

User Friendly

Ever spent time on a site that was hard to use? Imagine shopping on a site where you couldn’t find the product you wanted or visiting a company’s site where you couldn’t locate contact information. It might be a problem, right? The best sites work to make navigation intuitive in any format – whether you’re looking at it on your phone or your desktop computer. They’re also incredibly interactive, encouraging users to stick around as much as possible.


If a site isn’t relevant to your needs, you’re going to leave. Good business sites have the offers and calls to action members of their target audience might expect to see. They offer informational newsletters, call backs, easy-to-use web forms, and plenty of internal pages that users might actually want to see.  User intent has to be the focus, then you can design something that’s perfect for your visitors.

Many companies offer some level of information on their sites, but if your site doesn’t do these three things, you’re going to create disillusionment as your prospects begin to inquire about your brand.

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