Biggest Marketing Challenges for New Brands

Marketing has always been a challenging aspect of business operation.  Some would argue that the birth of the internet and of social media made marketing easier, but many disagree with that sentiment.  In fact, outsourcing is very often related to media marketing these days, as these matters present some of the largest obstacles for business growth.

Content Creation It’s time consuming, but a very important of building online presence.  Not only is content shareable on social media, it can also offer a big boost to SEO.  Very often, brands will outsource this aspect of their media marketing campaigns, simply to save themselves time and to ensure high quality content.

Social Media Marketing If there is one aspect of modern marketing practices more time consuming than content creation, it is social media management.  These accounts are extremely powerful for the fact that they can provide a direct line of communication with the consumer, and for the low-budget advertising capabilities they provide.  Despite this, many companies admit that they are frustrated by social media, because it is so time consuming and because they aren’t sure how to garner value from the various platforms.

In particular, there are four social media networks that plague companies.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the four platforms most commonly managed by freelance agencies.  Each requires a different approach, which means that outsourcing can truly free up a great deal of time.

Campaign Data Analysis What appears to be a great campaign at face value, may actually appear much weaker and less meaningful to the brand’s wellbeing when the data is analyzed.  But, which figures should be looked at?  Which data is worth filtering?  Data analysis remains one concept that can cause confusion even in some of the greatest business minds.

These are just three of the areas of modern marketing that present major challenges for businesses.  Fortunately, there are agencies who specialize in these (and other) areas of marketing and can offer affordable solutions that make it possible to continue growing the brand.  Be sure, if you are planning to outsource some element of your brand marketing, that you are asking the right questions:

  1. How long have you been providing these services to other brands?
  2. Can you provide references or examples of brands that have benefited from your services?
  3. Is your fee dependent on the level of success achieved by your marketing input?

Ask the right questions, outsource the right areas of your marketing efforts, and you can free up a great deal of time while achieving greater results from future campaigns.

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