Move Your Social Media Marketing Forward with 3 Tips

Social media marketing is a very difficult aspect of running a business these days.  It is a necessary evil, according to many, but necessary it absolutely is.  If you find that you are having trouble accomplishing your goals with social media marketing, it may simply be that you are going into it with the wrong mindset.  Consider the following mistakes made by many of the biggest (and smallest) brands in this nation:

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes:

  1. No Patience You don’t build up your online presence overnight. It just isn’t that simple.  It takes time – more time that some would expect.  The need for patience has doomed many companies online.  They simply expected better results, faster.  When that doesn’t happen, they pull out all together, or refocus their budget elsewhere, allowing the social accounts to essentially die.
  2. Treating it with a Lack of Respect Social media deserves respect. Even when some of the top analysts in the world were predicting that it would be a short-lived trend, it grew into one of the most powerful business tools ever known.  With intimate access to billions of users around the world, social media has been a dream come true for many marketers.  Don’t make the mistake of believing that it carries less weight than other forms of marketing.
  3. Giving Up Too Little Budget This goes hand-in-hand with paying social media the respect it deserves. Also, though, there is the lingering myth that social media marketing is free.  It is not.  It does cost money, but it can be an affordable option.  That said, be sure that you are matching the budget to the campaign objectives.
  4. Posting and Responding Inconsistently The more you interact with your consumers, the more likely they are to remember you when they are ready to buy. Come and go infrequently, and they are apt to forget you.

Tips to Move it Forward

Once you have considered the potential mistakes, and have learned to avoid them, you can begin to explore what will push your social media marketing to the next level.

  1. Don’t Just Read, Engage It is important to remember that social media is all about socializing. If you try to be selfish with your use of it, you will get nowhere.  So, sign in and interact.  Read what others have to say and offer opinions, comments, or additional information where you can.
  2. Keep Your Expectations Realistic Although it would seem that being on more social platforms would mean greater customer exposure, the truth is that if you get too overzealous with your social media efforts, you’ll spread yourself too thin, failing to make a real impact on any of the platforms.
  3. Focus on Brand Awareness Rather than gauging your success on how many sales you made as a result of the campaign, remember to weigh the value of brand exposure. How many people learned about your brand as a result of the campaign? Now that they know about you, how can you follow that up and get them to take the next step?


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