Comparing and Contrasting the Top Social Media Platforms, Part I

Whether you are relatively new to media marketing or you have been at it for years, you undoubtedly have questioned whether or not you are dividing your time effectively between the best social platforms.  Most brands cannot effectively market on more than three or four sites, let alone trying to be active on all seven of the biggest social realms.  Which seven are we referring to?

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Google+
  7. Pinterest

In order to build up your brand online, you want to be sure that you are using the right platforms and using them in the right way.  So, let us begin by comparing and contrasting these seven platforms.

Facebook This remains at the top echelon of social media, but not everything about Facebook is wonderful.  While the site is very easy to use and setting up a brand page is relatively simple, there are some privacy issues that have caused users concerns, and the ability to reach your audience organically is becoming increasingly difficult on this platform.  That said, Facebook Ads remain a relatively inexpensive and effective way to build brand awareness.

Instagram On the hunt for taking over the top spot from Facebook, the great minds behind Instagram continue to use innovative approaches to draw in new users daily.  The site has proven extremely powerful, and new influencers (with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers) are emerging regularly.  However, Instagram has its own drawbacks, including the fact that it doesn’t allow website links in photo captions, and it isn’t very integration-friendly.

Twitter There are hugely mixed reviews about this platform.  For some, it remains a very powerful marketing tool, for others the limitations outweigh the potential benefits of the site.  The biggest drawback of course is the 140-character constraint, which can stump even the best marketers at times.  Users also report feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content in their feeds.  However, the searchable hashtags, ease of use, and ability to easily find those who have shared interests keep this platform near the top of the list.

These are the first three of the seven platforms most often considered by marketing professionals.  All three have significant merit, but, of course, you should do some research into which are most apt to be used by your niche as well.  In the next blog post, we will look at the other four, which will round out the top seven platforms.


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