You Can Fail at Social Media Marketing

If you are reading this article, then the title is likely not news to you.  Social media marketing can be very powerful, but also excessively frustrating for companies and organizations – large and small.  It’s simply too large and too promising to ignore, so rather than throwing your hands up in defeat, you must figure out where things are going wrong and make effort to correct course.

There are six common mistakes made, repeatedly, by even well-established, long-standing companies in this country.  One of those, in particular, is really costing organizations the potential growth that could be achieved with the proper use of social media.

#6. Creating Worthless Content Can’t think of anything important to say, so you just post to post? That is a dangerous habit and one that could land your social media marketing efforts in the garbage heap. The goal should be to create consistently great content, even if that means that you post slightly less often than you had at first intended.

#5. Failing to See the Value in Help If your brand is facing a consistent struggle on social media, which seems to be leading nowhere, then it might be time to consider devoting a portion of your marketing budget to hiring social media marketing assistance.

#4. Focusing on the Wrong Platforms (or Too Many Platforms) Social media marketing is time consuming when done right, but if you are spending all of that time (and budget) on the wrong platform, then you aren’t going to get the results you had hoped for.  You have to understand your niche, including which platform they are most likely to use.

#3. Not Knowing Your Niche This is a problem that is going to extend much further than your social media marketing efforts.  Not understanding your niche, including their preferences, speech patterns, and general interests can really cost you a great deal on social media.

#2. Not Looking at the Data If you are trying to run a successful social media marketing campaign and you aren’t checking the data frequently, then you are doomed to failure.  Sure, you could get lucky, but you are going to have a very hard time replicating that random success, if you aren’t tracking what is working with your intended audience and what isn’t.

#1. Not Listening to the Customer In the beginning of this post, we said that there was one mistake that was costlier than all of the others.  This is that mistake.  If you do not hear your customers, then you cannot ensure you are doing all you can to appeal to them.  That means, of course, responding in a timely manner, but also really reading and understanding what is being said and how that can apply to your business operations.

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