New Email Marketing Provider Could Mean Big Growth For Your Brand

Microsoft announced, not all that long ago, that it would be joining the email marketing field, which has many marketers very excited.  The ability to reach segmented markets in a very direct, and personalized manner has long been attractive.  Now, though, arguably the biggest name in software creation is going to take on the competition, promising a better, more affordable service than ever has been known to email marketers.

It’s true that the pricing structure of Microsoft Connections, as it is currently being advertised, is far different than any services currently offered by other brands.  By wrapping this service into the overall cost of Office 365 premier, they can offer a flat email marketing rate per month – regardless of the number of clients or number of emails sent during that span of time.  The cost will be determined, instead, by the number of employees using the tool.  That method of pricing could mean huge savings for many brands, including yours.

Rather than paying by volume of emails or subscribers, you can expect to pay only a flat monthly fee, with the same personalized email messaging capabilities.  How do you make the most of your monthly investment?  Your brand, more than ever, is in need of definitive strategy.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Boundlessness Although this pricing structure does make it possible to send more emails to more clients for less investment, there is a danger in becoming too overzealous in your attempts to reach customers.  The aim should be to create quality content that offers real value to the recipient, as opposed to simply sending emails just to send them.  Even when the emails are of excellent quality, there is a risk in sending too many in a short amount of time.  Making your brand familiar to consumers is a worthwhile goal, but too many emails can simply cause frustration and cause more to opt out of your communications.  So, take advantage of the deal that comes with this pricing structure, but do so wisely, and with the best interests of your customers in mind.

Use Data to Advantage Sending 30 emails a month to a potential customer will do little for you, if the content you share isn’t of interest to that person.  There is simply too much data collection and processing capability to ignore.  This can be enough to provide you a real understanding of your customer base and what the individuals are really interested in.  You can use this information to make valuable product recommendations, advertise the promotions that will matter most to the email contact, and to time those communications perfectly.

With the right strategy and the right email marketing service, you can build your brand in tremendous ways.

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