Keep Track of News Feeds to Build Your Business Faster

It is truly amazing how much a company can benefit from one well-written, well-timed social media post.  Have you ever seen one of those posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?  One of those that has been liked and shared thousands of times?  Have you ever wondered why your brand hasn’t enjoyed such a post before?  If you aren’t keeping up on local and relevant news stories, then you are very likely, simply missing your chance to create such a post.

The majority of viral posts are those that are extremely well-timed, and are related to some hot topic of the moment.  The tricky part is taking advantage of a buzz story before it passes.  The popularity of social media has meant that stories go further, faster than ever before.  However, it often also means that a hot topic is here today, gone tomorrow, replaced by something new and more interesting.

Set Up Alerts If you haven’t yet set up news alerts with keywords related to your industry, then now is absolutely the time to do so.  This is one of the best ways to stay on top of the news, and recognize buzz-worthy stories before the competition.  Google News, among other sources, provides the option to have these alerts sent directly to your email inbox.

Really Take the Time to Read Your Feeds News alerts are great, but they aren’t going to tell you everything that is going on.  If you want to know what your customers are talking about, then take the time to read their posts.  People are very active on social media these days, and they happily share content of interest.  That means that hot stories are going to show up in your social media feeds fast, and possibly first, before they hit the headlines.

Find the Influencers There are undoubtedly people (or brands) out there that regularly post content related to your industry.  Those that have amassed big followings are those that are posting the right sort of content at the right times.  Follow them.  Read through their feeds.  Stay abreast to what stories they are sharing, and you are likely to discover the hot topics that you should be creating content around.

Act Fast When you do find that a particular story is stirring a lot of interest with your customer base, then find a way to create a piece of related content and do so quickly.  If you don’t act fast, you’ll miss your chance.  Remember, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ is the motto in the online social realm.


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